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Posted by Ralf on June 6th, 2018 — Posted in News

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If you start adding your articles to directories, we forget about this fact, and place the same story in all the directories found. In a hurry to get the desired result. Too lazy to perform a more qualitative kind of work. Sergey Brin contributes greatly to this topic. By ordering or writing an article, we begin to add it to the directories. Why, before adding the article, we do not check the article directories, indexing them for search engines, do not check theirs TCI and PR, do not heed to when added the last article in the catalog, and know that the catalog abandoned and there is no point to waste my time on this article directory, if the latter has been posted 1-2 months ago. We all want to increase the number of links to your site so every day looking for new directories and article directories for all will remain one and the same. As a result, we add one more article 200, and even more article directories. Satisfied with the work done and are awaiting the results.

Time passes, but the visitors, why not the site to find out why 'ups' pass. How much energy, and all for nothing, we rastroeny, we now know that the directory / url articles and do not work. But the article directories and even very effective. Must just do not remember those points about which we know but do not remember. Add article to only those article directories that are in the index of search engines, pay attention to the publication date of the last article, see the TCI and PR, may not worth spending time on the directories with the zero indices.

Your article should be interesting and necessary, not only increase the chances that your article will be placed, but the fact that the links in the Article will go to your resource. In each publish a new directory a unique story. The article first of all replace the name, then change the words in the article on their synonyms, then swap: words, paragraphs, sentences. I use a generator articles MonkeyWriteADO Change location links in the article. Numbering. In summary, it can be argued that the uniqueness of articles, plus 25-30 Good article directories will give a better effect than a low-grade paper, and 200 catalogs.

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