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Business gifts, are not just objects, but also, and mainly powerful media.A polar or a jacket first quality, have the advantage of being a great practical utility, so you use end up generating a permanent advertising. Linking your company, to a first quality product it makes your image look strengthened reflected in this product. Outward and inward labor clothing has a double mission: outwards and inwards. Out, it helps to position the company in the minds of the public, and serves as a differential with respect to competition. I.e. uniform summarizes the company’s identity and its attributes, sew easily detectable by consumers. Thus, firms devoted to the design and preparation of work clothes tend to offer garments for all levels (from executives to workers), in way of projecting a comprehensive picture. And they are in charge of that work are customized, i.e., suited to the particular image of each company, highlighting those elements that define it as unique in its sector. For this same, work clothing is so important to an SME as an international company: an employee uniform, whatever his position, projected the specific values of the Organization and provides an image of consistency and safety. But the image captured on the work clothes not only emanates outwards; also, it operates inward, creating the necessary sense of belonging towards the company in employee, making it feel part, reinforcing their commitment. In other words, towards the inside, the uniform helps generating adhesions and reduce dissensions, making that the employee perceived as functional and necessary part of the company. Ultimately, that is what put the shirt means. I believe that a garment can be a very good choice, to reach a differently to the client or provider, to gratify the public both internally and externally.If it is an instrument with great design and quality, it can convey a message with high perceived value and strengthen loyalties. Given the current Econamica situation, in which there is to retain customers, motivate your staff or better conditions of your suppliers, a gift, will surely mean a great first step.

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