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After watching the movie 'The Savages' there is a pleasant feeling, or even the desire to jerk off somewhere the company, savages to the sea, taking the girls, vodka, beer tent. Probably each of us has ever thought about this rest, but not all solved. This film can be called a piece of summer, the most beautiful time of year. The film shall we say is not new, 2006 model year, but it bothered him to see me just now, the only thing I regret about anything that did not find it earlier. Few words about the plot. Jonas Samuelson may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Friends every year for somewhere fifteen go relax on the Crimean coast of the savages. He threw a tent and took some money, leaving the problem and work, they get together. Day can be sunbathe on the wide, wild beach, swim in the Black Sea and admire the beauty of the naked female body. By the way, naked girls in the film abound, to be honest, I was slightly surprised by such frankness of our cinema. A what to do tonight? Surely disco, vodka, girls and sex.

Thus here, in such a fun rhythm, our heroes spend the late summer. About the actors. The main character named Ai-Yai (Gosha ) plays a dramatic role of a man who does not gets the pleasure of sex, whichever is earlier, looking for true love. In contrast to Ai-Yaya Meester (Marat Basharov) plays the role of romance, who does not think about such issues, but just looking for a girl for sex, that's just quest was not very successful. In general, I want to say that casting in the film 'The Savages' star just yet, look for yourself: Gosha , Marat Basharov, Vladislav Galkin, Alexei Gorbunov, etc. Now add to this wild beach Young nudists, sun and warm sea, I think this is all you need to relax. My opinion. Rarely in recent times come across a movie after watching that nothing bad to say you can not. Movie 'The Savages' just such a movie – about summer, which is already very much want the warm sea and the rest of the classroom. If you want to see something funny and romantic, this film – it's what you need. In some reviews I've read that the film contains flat jokes, want to tell you anything like a normal sense of humor and the film is too cool! Movie 'The Savages' – my score 9 out of 10.

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