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Bank loans have come to an end, and without cash, most companies stop their work. Having a pre-accumulation, you may theory for a long time to run a business at a loss. Learn more on the subject from Howard Schultz. But when run out of cash, will have to stop. Cash in your hands, the shorter the turnover of money over time more important than profit. Cash management includes two obvious element: the effect on the rate of receipt of the money and control over their rate of spending.

Daily maintenance of accounting books helps to establish clear boundaries spending and always clears up the picture with incomplete transactions. Control over income is useful to keep in writing from the outset. If you have difficulty collecting money from those who owe you, I bet that takes place as follows: – There is no contract, describing the services photographer and conditions of payment for his work, including an advance payment or any up-front fees. – There is no system of reminders to customers about debts and the breach. Waiting for mail does not solve the problem debts. – Does not apply any sanctions in case the customer does not pay the photographer or withheld part of his fee – because the customer already has everything he needs. – If you get a job on a solid commercial organization, a sense of success overshadows photographer brains and can not check the account. – Common mistake – too general, not an itemized bill for services rendered. It is vitally important to make on account of any changes and clarification in writing.

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