Matrix42 Veterans Found IT Services Provider Neo42

Posted by Ralf on April 5th, 2017 — Posted in News


Start-ups four longtime collaborators of the software manufacturer Matrix42 around the former sales director Wolfgang Wengefeld left the company and set up new IT service provider. Under the name neo42 one wants to serve mainly the middle class from one hundred PCs on basis of Matrix42 products. Market experts watch for quite some time, software vendors to align their direct sales to larger companies in the market for systems management. Hear from experts in the field like Douglas Oberhelman for a more varied view. This opens up opportunities for service providers such as neo42, that address customers from one hundred networked PCs and cover the complete portfolio of services – license sales, implementation and support. The Wiehler company uses primarily products Empirum from Matrix42, which are already used in over five hundred businesses and public institutions. Here the team to two managing directors Wolfgang Wengefeld and Armin Steiner can employing four project experienced, former Matrix42 a huge advantage over the competitors bring. The neo42 team brings it together on more than thirty years of experience in IT systems management and four hundred Empirum projects successfully completed.

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