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Posted by Ralf on August 10th, 2013 — Posted in News

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There is something that I have seen in many businesses on the Internet than for my it is quite absurd and without high results, and is that entrepreneurs are focusing only on their Marketing strategies to attract customers to your Web site, but are not doing follow-up to the second essential step to convert these prospects to potential clients through Email Marketing. In the Internet business all the traffic and effort than in advertising will be subject to a second follow-up of loyalty and persuasion in this leaflet to then turn it into a potential customer’s lifetime. Because this happens? A prospect that visit your website for the first time not bought at the first visit, because this person not as known to you, do not know what your intentions are still to enter your credit card details on your website this way operates an Internet business, as there is no connection face to face with that person is for this reason that we must quickly use a tracking Email Marketing strategy for when a person who between for the first time to your site, register or Add to your list of subscribers and will become prospect, and with the follow-up of loyalty become our client. Do now I’ll do a question if not use Email Marketing, of forming warrant that a prospect to return to your website to buy? There is no any way, because when someone comes to a site and even do not invite you subscribe to a newsletter, again, not have a communication with that person that was perhaps very interested in your services, but it was! Sounds logical! Right? P.S.: If you’re still not using Email Marketing, are wasting your time and money in attracting visitors to your site than not you buy, you waste time no longer focusing all your efforts on promotion strategies when you’re not using the second Fundamental step of customer adquisition. You will find more Ideas to begin creating your Marketing Email Campaign hope have been clear in this article. Greetings and success in your business! Original author and source of the article

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