Manufacture Labor

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Does it follow from this that in any company contribution of the participating individuals must necessarily be equal and uniform? Not at all, on the contrary, the success of any joint activity of people is critically dependent on the complementarity abilities of its participants. One is making to his mind, his knowledge, the other – the practical intelligence that experience, the third – the exceptional physical abilities, if somewhat exaggerate the separation of people on these qualities. In any case, the foundation of any enterprise is to combine the efforts of people working. But each company has a material basis: the necessary tools, equipment and other items of work. How do I get them? There may be two options: or each member company shall come to it its their own funds or material support of the company take on a person not involved in it by their labor. Many centuries of human history dominated the first option: going on a mammoth, each grab his own spear, his spear, and breaking or losing the gun hunting for his next expedition also manufactured the new forces. That was until as long as people enjoyed a very primitive means of labor. As soon as they started to get complicated, and there was the first division of labor among people: some have become specialized in the manufacture of tools – have become artisans (blacksmiths, carpenters, etc.), while others only used the instruments of labor. The relationship between Tom and others were based on the conditions of commodity exchange.

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