Lowered Calzones

Posted by Ralf on April 18th, 2022 — Posted in News

I first heard the title of friend zone, watching a funny movie of the same title, directed by Borja Cobeaga. The film ranked within the genre of romantic comedy, develops a plot in which the protagonist (the friend zone on duty), does everything possible to make the girl that is in love with, you case, hoping that at the end, she, not be forced to drop surrendered to his feet. In the end, we obviously don’t have, by consideration of all those who have not seen the film, whose viewing we recommend, for those who want to spend a fun time, without further complications. Returning to the before mentioned director, said in an interview that the friend zone came to be more or less, the Henpecked of the 21st century, and taking advantage of this comparison, we refer here to the authentic Henpecked, living in our current society, which are neither more nor less, than those who always, and that figuratively, pants, are lowered in any situation in which they are lightly pressed. They are that kind of people who have given the rights of his will, leaving it in the hands of others, for whether they be those who make the decisions for them, they are that kind of individuals who always say if everything what you propose, and that it is not bad, the really serious, is that many times what they mean is NO, but do not dare to do so. The Henpecked living subject to dominant others, imposed their ideas, desires and whims (one times appear in the form of mother-in-law, another is the boss at work, quite a few the couple shift and on occasion, a friend with delusions of Fhurer). Who permanently walk with lowered Calzones, never have enough value, for the time, planting, and say enough! and incidentally, take advantage to send damn once to take wind, to put it politely, to both cheap dictadorzuelo, that swarming over the world, and that is behind this peculiar face shield model good roll, which allows them to pass unnoticed, confused in the middle of the crowd.

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