Leaflets and Flyers

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Flyer – a kind of commercial advertising printed products intended for distribution to various public places – at exhibitions, presentations, seminars, and on the street in areas with large concentrations of people. The very name "leaflet" incorporated information about the form of this type of printed materials – paper. A piece of paper in any format. It can also serve as a liner in other publications distributed in envelopes in the mail, just unpack in the mail boxes left in shops and aptek.Yavlyayas original card of your company in the outside world, the leaflet has its own style of presentation. He looks like a poster, but with the difference that more informative and informative. After receiving a leaflet, a potential consumer should not be tempted to throw it out immediately – that is, content and design of colorful flyers just have to be harmony reminiscent of each other. Very effective format publication is a "Frequently Asked Questions" – questions about your product or service and then answer them.

This will clearly structure the information and gradually take the reader to contact information. What is the main task of the leaflets? Encourage consumers to call to your company, buy the product or take part in the event. Therefore, when creating a leaflet important to consider the psychological intricacies of the target audience. Naturally, it is absurd to distribute flyers advertising the hearing aids anywhere on campus or drop into mailboxes poor leaflets calling for pensioners to get audio and video equipment of last generation. Flyers – is a powerful modern tool for advertising the fight. This product can be information or image, done in color or black and white, printed on different kinds of paper with one or two sides. Leaflets are indispensable when you need to provide a product or service, give information about them and indicate where it's all available.

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