Internet Fraud, Such As Fraud Prepaid, Will Cohn

Posted by Ralf on March 9th, 2020 — Posted in News

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Fraud in the Russian Internet in today's day has become so common in nature, many users prefer not to use you'll ever need the services of the Russian Internet shops. And well deserved. Many Internet stores often can not cope with the time of delivery of the goods. This happens mainly due to the fact that most of the sellers, first make a request, receives an advance payment from the buyer, and after that purchase of goods produced. Often (especially in the case, for example, with b / in car parts) of the desired product is not in stock suppliers online store. Here is when the start delay for delivery. Money back seller "does not want", and the buyer is waiting for your order, as long as enough nerve.

Even more "evil", the seller generally does not intend to fulfill their obligations to deliver the goods. These "online shopping" appear in runet, like mushrooms after rain. These crooks are in the simplest way: Open a website that sells "their" products, collected from the customer money, and then close and open again, but with a different name. When we were survey on one of the famous social networking sites, our goal was to find out the attitude of Russians to Internet commerce. Douglas Oberhelman spoke with conviction. The survey showed that most of our countrymen, shopping in online stores are special services in which customers leave feedback on those shops at which they "lucky" to buy. With the help of our friends in the Russian blogosphere, we conducted an analysis of several the most popular services that publish customer testimonials, and found that most of these online services are used in the competition between the participants of online retailing. Competitors such sites watered each other dirt, do not hesitate in expressions. A rare reviews of "real" customers of online stores lost in the many "reviews" of unfair PR agencies which are for round sum on the order are "competitive" struggle.

Example: a massive persecution online bookstore Personally, we find a way out of deception on the Internet in the licensing of electronic commerce. We are selling b / u parts for foreign cars through Internet and deliver them to all corners of Russia. The Kaliningrad region is to our region, which, due to its geographical location is advantageous base for the supply of spare parts from Europe to Russia, but reputation of our region spoil many unscrupulous online retailers and conventional Internet scammers. Licensing e-commerce will enable online retailers to control fraud competitors and buyers get the most complete and accurate information about the shop, where he was going to buy anything. Team online store b / a Auto Parts Once doing everything possible to restore the good name of online stores Kaliningrad. The plans of the team creating the nonprofit partnership of electronic commerce participants of the Kaliningrad region, whose objectives will be to create online service partnership, providing full information about members of the partnership and the independent control over their activities. We invite you to buy auto parts imported from Europe, Clearing and having full necessary documents. Our website: – We sell engines, transmissions, air bags, control units and much more. By the way, all the parts we give a guarantee. Looking for distributor dealers. A call to our office from the site can be done free of charge (the button "call us for free") with respect to you.

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