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Posted by Ralf on December 7th, 2021 — Posted in News

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CEWE COLOR HOLDING AG WKN 540390 fundamentally undervalued the analysts of the tradersreport would rebuild a first speculative long position in the shares of CEWE COLOR AG with the WKN 540390 to Max 13.25. We have the readers of the tradersreport already announced in the last week, that are on the German stock exchanges very many undervalued companies currently. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. In yesterday’s Edition, we have already entered on a company from the mid range and we make the present them before the CEWE COLOR HOLDING AG. As the field of activity of photo development first not just very interesting sounds. This is but just such a story, a Warren Buffet would like. Jenna Fischer often says this. The business is easy to understand and the corporate data are rock-solid.

The company has so far relatively unscathed by the economic crisis. If you have read about Mike Bloomberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the past week, the CEWE COLOR AG announced the figures for the past financial year and was able to convince. So, the operating profit was 22.1 million before taxes and restructuring costs. Itself that is Rated companies with about 95 million of the stock exchange. A boom in a new product offering of the company was responsible for this number.

Photo books offered by CEWE COLOR turn at the customer, like a bomb. So, they contributed significantly to the excellent figures for the fourth quarter. The current dividend yield is nothing to sneeze at. This is whopping 9%, because the 1.20 per share to the shareholders the company pay. At an estimated p/e ratio of 12 and ongoing growth of 18%, we see a clear underestimation. You can extract the messages about the current voting rights that we are not alone with this opinion. As an institutional investor buys together a little package of the company for quite some time. So far about this could acquire 5,014% of the shares in CEWE COLOR AG.

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