French Emperor

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The Russian generals let the French bleed. They retreated further inland and destroyed all of the things the army of the enemy could benefit on their tactical retreat. Crops, Wells etc. The hard winter did the rest. At some point, Bonaparte had to see that a further advancement would be pointless. Consequently, he retreated with his men back. What he couldn’t know: he was moving from the frying pan into the baptism. in 1813, he was employed at Leipzig by several allied armies.

This time, the Frenchman got trounced. He moved on to France and saw his only option is to resign and to take into exile. This is what happened. Louis of the sixteenth was King of France and so joined the revolution cycle again. Napoleon was sent with 1000 of his men on the island of Elba. He endured it there not long and a year later he returned to France. It was in 1815. On his way from southern France to Paris the people cheered, how and where they could.

Many men voluntarily joined his army. When Louis of the 16 of them got wind, he sent troops to make cold Napoleon. But they went over. No fun. All joined Napoleon. He confronted the troops of Louis alone, unarmed and no one would waste only a thought, to shoot at him. The soldier sending King recognized the lack of views his Situation and made himself from the field. Bonaparte was again without bloodshed Emperor of France. Much to the detriment of the French neighbours. They allied themselves against the little guy. England and Prussia gathered their troops in Belgium. “The French Emperor wanted to crush the armies before they win” could say. First, he continued the Prussia and then moved in the direction of the English camp. The British withdrew. By a whisker the French had caught up with them, but it started to rain.

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