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Perhaps it can seem that by the word that is, it sounds to malsonante word or complaints to us, small ship of the saga of Star Trek, but nothing else far from the reality. Flyers, little known by its name but very representative and peculiar in the reality. They are reduced pamphlets of small dimensions and weights and that are used to transmit advertising information on products and services of a company. A clear example is the circuses when they come to our cities. Normally they use flyers to present its spectacle or companies that want to make their publicity and create customized calendars. These flyers are elements that can also be including in a mailing. The companies of direct Marketing or promotional Marketing use the product or service of detailed and illustrated form, emphasizing the advantages and the characteristics of the supply.

Its format or size, varies based on the needs of the product and the creative development. According to the dimension and fold of flyer, it can be classified in: – Diptych: Made up of a leaf, pleaten and 4 faces – Triptych: Made up of a leaf, two pleaten and 6 faces a leaf could possibly pleat more times. Flyers, is within the pamphlet category, and is small pamphlets of reduced so large, is very simple to realise manipulated. This type of pamphlets is those that normally we found distributing them to the clients who go on foot by the sidewalks of our streets. Without considering the number of pages that it has, a pamphlet can present/display in its format very different forms and sizes, without leaving to a side the general norms of a good composition. The part of flyers that is in the first place is the cover that it must be impressive causing interest in the receiver avoiding throws that it in the first wastebasket who finds. The designers take pains in realising a design who perfectly relate pages to others, avoiding of this form that loses the attractiveness. The information that shows pamphlets, is of temporary form, and usually includes very attractive and innovating designs, so that the client centers his attention in them.

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