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Posted by Ralf on July 9th, 2018 — Posted in News

What is the foundation of liberalism and his followers today. What brings with it also the consideration of the Earth as an object of exploitation, no matter the consequences, allowing the generation of usury disproportionate, since there are no parameters which may be bound or sustain the measured production. There also appears the concept and the figure of money that disrupts human values and society which will have disastrous consequences that are now many prophesy and many are already suffering its consequences, but however not many are aware of this situation by making nature the subject of manipulation and exploitation to satisfy the greed of a few who do not represent anything in humanity, but who have in their hands the power of the world. Also everything solves it in a quantifiable way, so is this essential qualitative dimension which makes the man is considered a pure subject distancing themselves from nature itself as something other than she. But his instinct for domination of nature predates the Christian Jewish message, but this reinforces it and holds as it says at the beginning of the message of genesis in the great book of the Bible. But the domain that is exerted on the nature It also implies domination over man himself, man is Wolf of the same man, thats the main axiomatic statement is founded in that all its actions and thats what brought as a virus in our communities and First Nations. By this search that makes Western man of the things they don’t have that axiological value but the desire to pleasure himself to himself and with himself, regardless of their relationship with what surrounds it. But then they will tell me the majority of those who listen to me or to read: where is that indigenous philosophy? I will reply with the words of a very knowledgeable in these brother purposes differentiate between Western philosophy and our thinking and we say our thoughts because if we talk philosophy, we already went in the same field of our rulers, it is not desirable nor nor productive to see how our vision of the world have unfolded. .

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