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The scandals, the unveiling of false data and setbacks in the war could reverse the current popularity of Uribe, as well as passed to his American counterpart. Today Uribe has managed to reverse part of the international isolation that was in March when he ventured into Ecuadorian territory. Just visit Chavez, with whom he has reconciled, and now receives to Lula. With the backing of the two main South American Socialist rulers and with the support of the democratic left Colombian Uribe seeks to isolate the FARC. The latter, meanwhile, seems to have already abandoned its demand that only intercambiarian prisoners if it granted them a clear area. The FARC feel cornered while their morale isn’t high having lost three of their seven secretaries (including his boss and his Chancellor), by desertions and the exhaust of Betancourt. However, FARC are the only Latin American guerrillas that preceded the Cuban revolution and it comes without complying with the legalization and the disarmament of post-Soviet insurgencies. If the Colombian guerilla resists and does not actions that paid to popular sectors, it could threaten to revive and go undermining the current Government.

Paradoxically Uribe owes his career and his prestige to the FARC. Without them he would not be President. If he does not reduce them to the minimum and these will revitalize his aura would begin to fall. On the other hand, if he manages to crush the FARC and tip them a historic defeat he could end up wanting be replaced in power by a different President Obama type who put more emphasis on social issues and a shift toward the Center or left. Although the Democrats end up taking the Republicans from the White House, Uribe would be at the Narino House perhaps to find a new and third mandate. In any case, despite the fact that it happen one thing is certain Colombia and the United States will continue to have more equipped armies on their respective continents and both will continue spearheading wars that are likely to be long-term.

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