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Location of the municipality of Chaparral 19 Figure 2. Map of Southern Research According Tolima 20 Figure 3. Tolima Department Violence areas Page 58 9 ANNEXES Annex A. Diagram which illustrates how the groups were located bandits to attack the security forces 120 Annex B. Sketch of the Region of San Jose de las Hermosas 121 Annex C. Urban Town Photo Chaparral 122 Annex D. Sketches of southern Tolima affected by guerrilla groups operating in the region and surrounding municipalities Rioblanco 123 Annex E.

Letter written by Gilberto Vieira, Secretary General of the Communist Party 124 Annex F. Martin Camargo letter addressed to the Communist Party of Colombia 125 Annex G. Military Report which explains the actions of the bandits 131 Annex H. List of Judicial Records Consulted 133 10 SUMMARY The present work on the guerrilla movement and banditry is developed in a historical period in which they lived in the midst of a permanent state of siege, curfew and “chulavita.” It is setting the southern department of Tolima and especially the municipalities of Chaparral and Rioblanco, which were considered during the violence of the fifties, as populations in which a seat had passions, which unleashed a storm of destructive forces, following the stage of political hatred. In these regions prevailed revenge as a means of justice, since those days of violence by fighting, had taken worrying characters, where the elimination of political opponents has become a habit allowed.

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