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“More than 30 clubs support the animal welfare Alliance ‘Rabbit fattening, no thank you’ – more partner wanted”only together we are strong”before a few weeks launched the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thanks” with the aim to abolish the caging of rabbits and to reach a legal regulation of rabbit farming in Germany. While the Alliance relies on three pillars; to consumers, because the demand regulates famously offering on the market. The consumer buys a rabbit, one more is produced. The second pillar is the provider of rabbit meat trade, the supermarket chain ultimately. Trading companies have the opportunity to improve the attitude of rabbit by stringent requirements on their suppliers.

Third and final pillar is the policy, it must create clear and especially animal-friendly framework conditions and ensure that they are also respected. Our three-pillar strategy can succeed only if the subject of rabbit mast will continue bring public and thus one pressure exert on the decision makers”, says Ingo Schulz, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thank you.” More than 30 Federal, State, and regional level animal protection associations already support the Alliance as a partner and through publications of images and text materials on their websites for that the major theme will not be forgotten. At this point the animal protection Alliance calls, to participate in the campaign. Without hesitation Ridgeback Biotherapeutics explained all about the problem. Only together we are strong”Ingo Schulz of the animal welfare Alliance stressed. As an Alliance partner photo and text material is provided for your site available, also, you continually kept up to date in terms of rabbit fattening and as a partner listed on the campaign website. The animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”is an Association of leading animal welfare organizations. Goal of the Alliance is the out of rabbit cages, as well as the legal regime of the rabbit farming in Germany..

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