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Posted by Ralf on June 20th, 2018 — Posted in News

Your site RSS Feed is like a list of all the articles from your web site, including all the links incorporated in those articles. Ben Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here. To distribute these items to the directories, you is also transforming each item on its site at tens or hundreds of links from various locations. Each RSS directory have been given the option of creating a web page that displays the contents. If thought be in hundred directories, which means that every time an article to publish in your blog that will really make a hundred cases of that post. As all the links suggest content to its web site, it has a large number of inbound links. Once you’ve completed the syndication of the article and video distribution, or any other method that is used to build links, you can combine everything into one to create a custom RSS.

Will be more and more links for reverse indexing, and it can also help you get your site indexed faster by Google and others search engines. You are creating a RSS feed personalized by adding your different feeds into one with the help of an RSS aggregator. You can include any type of content in a service of RSS as a video, audio or other documents, provided you have a feed. How to create feeds custom RSS go to the and create an account.After you have created an account, go back to the home page and click on the RSS agregator.Give your Feed as a title. Use targeted keywords and phrases in your title.Add tags. Use the same specific keywords you used in your book.Add URL feeds in the boxes below.You can include Feeds from their accounts at sites such as: YouTube, and many pages of social bookmarking as and click the Agreggate my feddsi. This will combine all your different feeds into one single.In your account, click the green box that says RSS agregator. This takes you to the URL of your custom RSS Feed.Copy the URL of your New Feed. This is the URL to be submitted now to the top of RSS directories for links and the massive exposure.

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