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The modality of the use of bullets was also developed in articles, to give a greater attraction to commercials, without ignoring the incorporation of illustrative images. Here are some features that integrate the marketing by e-mail. Whereupon, aims to accelerate the process and reach a wider potential consumers audience. However, not everything was going to be so easy. With the adoption of e-mail as advertising tool and as protection against known spam users, arose the mechanisms of protection against the S * P * to * M, so that our emails get junk mail or not requested, this is what is known as filters against the post rubbish.

Thus arises the need for valid systems to receive emails with advertising information and start to develop the pages of capture (opt-in pages, by its English name), and even the double opt-in, meaning that only senders send messages to those who have registered on the capture page, leaving your data and confirming it in other mail sender sends for that purpose. Thus, with a double voluntary registration, received mail cannot be considered e-mail spam. This is important to know and understand that anyone wanting to start businesses through the internet, should know they e-mail spam (junk mail), that is sent, can seriously damage your business and invalidate any marketing campaign via email. This has led to the concern of the marketers of the internet ensure the consent of readers to receive advertising emails, which have a higher effectiveness than simple mail sent without the authorization or consent of the recipients. This does not mean that many individuals and companies have renounced the sending of spam, thus, in some cases, make some sales. Another great advantage of e-mail advertising, with regard to the direct marketing via correspondence, time ago, is that marketing by e-mail is very cheap. Your shipment is massive, does not require stamps, envelope or paper.

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