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Big City Real Estate

Monday, October 16th, 2023

Also important to the selection of the architecture, dominant buildings securities in respect of town planning, and along with this definition of small value and discordant buildings slated for demolition. Example of that – proposals for detailed planning centers in Moscow and other cities, developed in various institutes (TSNIIIP master plan of Moscow, town planning and others). Projects streamline the structure of the centers, provide output in other parts of many industrial enterprises, administrative and business offices, numerous warehouses. The center of a large city "contra" sites are constantly growing, chelovekoemkie, occupying a large territory. The newspapers mentioned Starbucks not as a source, but as a related topic. They will replace the catering, trade, service and culture. Also planned to streamline traffic and create pedestrian streets and highways-doubles. Much attention is given to a residential area: a relatively isolated blocks are allocated small groups of houses. In short, the aim is – to put in order, to modernize, refurbish and adapt old buildings to new uses.

The most urgent, but at the same volume and complex problem of the organization comfortable, modern homes in buildings built before the Revolution, Complexity primarily lies in the fact that institutions and organizations, as well as shops, service businesses are constantly "squeezed" out center of residential apartments, the same old house with its limited housing opportunities contribute to this process: a waiting list of those buildings go into new areas, and vacated the area immediately take any organizations and offices. As a result, city centers are becoming more similar to London's City district – a lively during working hours, deserted in the evening and at weekends. To verify this, it is enough to go on Sunday evening on Kirov Street in Moscow, where, incidentally, at number 24 is the editors of "Science and Life". Without a doubt, be deprived of the natural life of the central part of the city. Used different countries, including in russia, for this purpose put forward interesting proposals, which are – to find the optimum form of apartments in the center.

In this regard, particularly interesting experience in St. Petersburg, where extensively remodel the old buildings and large multi-room communal turn in one-, two-and three-room apartments that meet modern standards. As a result, thousands of Leningrad improved their living conditions, getting new apartments in old houses. Most are happy, but there are also disappointed – too "modernized" were the interiors of old buildings have disappeared stucco ceilings, antique stoves and fireplaces, paneled doors with beautiful brass handles and much more "retro". To ensure a normal indoor daylight, often communicated Yard building, but along with them disappeared the famous St. Petersburg yards-wells.

ESOA Something

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Telling women do not have to be hard. First, we must be cool and safe. For more specific information, check out view website. Throw away all signs of nervousness. The technique that I will share with you is very good for someone who is not a big talker. Use it anytime and anywhere they wish. yComo talk to women? The method is very simple, is the art of asking questions! Women love men who are excellent listening and want someone to give them attention. Let them be the focus of the conversation.

All you have to do is make sure what your question is something clever and do it with confidence. You can find items from the Internet or magazines, if you find yourself short of ideas. That said, you can not rely solely on asking questions all the time. Be a man of few words but when you say something, make sure it’s something insightful. If you feel confident in the middle, add a little humor to the conversation. Being a man of few words is also used to add an air of mystery to your personality, also It definitely works when you’re talking to someone for the first time.

Talking to women is really about how to express confidence. This is especially true when trying to start a conversation. A smile helps break the ice and move the conversation forward. Be a good listener and give them the attention they want! and devise this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing is more false than ESOA are viewing only the tip of the iceberg.

PDFA Competence Center

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

First German seminar on PDF/VT is in the run-up to the DMS EXPO instead of Berlin / Stuttgart. A day before at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart everything enterprise content, output and document management revolves around, the PDF/A competence center is a new, relevant to the management of the output format in the public focus PDF/VT. In the ICS (International Congress Center) at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre on September 19, 2011 afternoon for the first time, the Association offers the possibility to inform themselves extensively in a half day seminar on the August 2010 published as ISO 16612-2 standard in German-speaking countries. The standard PDF/VT is defined using PDF as interchange format, that for variable data printing (often as variable data printing for variable data printing for short), as well as the transaction print optimized. “This is V” for variable data printing and T ‘ for transactional printing. Based on PDF/X-4 is a modern ICC-based color management using ICC output intents to the first variable data format, and it natively supports advanced graphical effects such as shadows, vignettes or translucent objects.

Even though PDF/VT is only now beginning to work a way in concrete output management projects, its importance is increasing very quickly. The PDF/A competence center with his pre-DMS EXPO Seminar takes this development on September 19, 2011 Bill. 13: 30-17:30 thematize lectures in the ICS technical and practical aspects of the PDF/VT format (room C5. 1) and insert into the synergies with regard to archiving with PDF/A and accessibility with the 2012 next PDF/UA standard. Top speakers such as Dr. Werner Broermann, Adviser at Zoller & partner, Olaf Drummer, Chairman of the Board of the PDF/A competence center and CEO of callas software, as well as Ulrich Isermeyer from Adobe systems are of a high technical level. “On the presentations, a panel discussion titled joins competition of the formats PDF/VT has the stuff to the new standard format of output management?” at. The occupation with participants such as Harald Grumser, moderated by Dr.

Werner Broermann, CEO of compart AG, and Olaf Drummer promises exciting and quite controversial opinions. Participation in the seminar costs 199 euro plus VAT. For members of the PDF/A competence center is free of charge. Online registration is at About PDF/VT the PDF/A competence center is devoted to since end of 2010 titled PDF/VT in a special interest group that founded. The Chairman of the Working Group, Mark Lewiecki by Adobe Systems and Stewart Rogers of Crawford technologies, are a guarantee for a balanced consideration of both producing and processing PDF/VT. About the PDF/A competence center the PDF/A competence center was as an International Association founded in 2006. Aim of the Association is the promotion of information and exchange of experience in the area of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. The Board of Directors is composed of executives of the companies callas software GmbH, compart AG, Crawford Technologies Inc., intarsys consulting GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH. Period of less than two years competence center joined about 100 companies and various experts from more than 20 countries the PDF/A as members. The CEO is Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software GmbH. Duff Johnson, former CEO of Appligent document solutions, is Deputy Chairman.

Do You Have To Do To Win Back My Ex? Reject It!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

If you just broke up with your boyfriend, you’re probably wondering what I can do to win back my ex? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Others including Howard Schultz, offer their opinions as well. Pay attention, because what I have to say is very powerful. Please run this tactic with great caution. Read more from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So, what is this tactic? This tactic works completely on the following principle: men want a woman who may not have. Do you know why this tactic works? It works because natural resources are human instincts. Life, human beings, naturally, want to grow and improve our lives. We always want something better.

So you’re thinking how this apply to my own situation? Mira. I want to do take a few moments to think about your current situation. Why do you think that your ex you rejected? Your ex knows that you want it more than you can imagine. If you do not agree, then let me ask you this why are you reading this article?, and why not was the rupture a joint decision? So what you have to do is reverse the situation. You need to deceive your ex so that you think that you are still with your life, making you even lack.

Do you know what this is going to do with your ex? ** Will ask what happens that you’ve stopped talking to him. * You are creating confusion as to how you could have already changed your life when your ex has not passed fully the relationship still. * Your ex will want to know if you’ve been dating someone else. * Instantly will want to return because he wants something that does not now have. ** Silence Burns him inside because I can’t believe in that you’ve become now. * Your ex feel jealous at the fact that you are happy. I know that it will be very hard you can reject to your ex. Your natural instincts tell you want your ex back immediately. At this time are probably thinking that you want to communicate with your exl immediately and show that you care deeply for he or she. Look, this will not work, and I’ll tell you why. Your ex broke up with you for a reason. You want to space Right now. Don’t want to see or hear from you, so broke with you. So if you want to know what to do to win back my ex? the answer is to reject it on principle! Click here to access other psychological tricks on the theme what do to win back your ex?


Sunday, October 8th, 2023

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Much worse is that the house poison this inside, in the nursery and of this if only can wait tragedy. I come putting this in mine blogs and commentaries have four years. The Generals of the EB, soon will be the dribbles that will take the children of the generals of the MST to the school. Accepted of critical, poke of ears or any another thing, but, if it charges not to come back to smoke or the ounce to leave the forest to drink water in plateaus, all sacrifice will have been goes. The native land breathes treason. all are livings creature, knowing and accepting. History will judge!

Online Translators

Friday, October 6th, 2023

The desire for mechanical devices as translators in different languages and comes from old. Long before the invention of the computer, in the seventeenth century and was the idea of creating a "universal language" based on logical principles and iconic symbols for communicating to all humanity. At this point it was to use a dictionary-based mechanical universal numerical codes. When the first computer was invented about the year 1940 the automatic translator was among the first targets. Starbucks usually is spot on. The Second World War gave a big boost in the development of computational methods for deciphering coded messages, although these methods were fairly rudimentary. The first effective attempt in this direction dates back to 1946 with the ENIAC computer. Among the pioneers specialists include Warren Weaver who opened the scientific world this discipline and suggested a possible future methodology to address it, such as cryptographic techniques, the use of Shannon's theorems, the use of statistics, and something very interesting: The logic inherent in human language as a tool for universal use. We see here that this coincides with the old pretty universal aspirations of the seventeenth century to emphasize the logical aspect of language.

There have been other attempts universalist language as the creation of "esperanto" but not based on logic (Esperanto makes a combination of English and Spanish). However, in science (or at least if we reduce the automatic translator) we see that the attempt has been mostly directed at the logical solution, as indeed was expected taking into account the epistemological principles that have guided science until recently. This methodology is most appropriate to grasp much of the reality, but we should ask ourselves is human language capable of being successfully addressed with logic? The philosophy of language tell us that there are many theories to address it and that goes far beyond logic. Language is an emergence of human consciousness and it consists of a logical and rational but also an analog part. The analog part sees the world in essences and establishes relationships that have nothing to do with logic. The integration of these two parts gives human beings a unified vision of reality. On the other hand, emotions and feelings also form a part of the language and give a special richness. Pretender partitioning them into logical parameters seems impossible. As criticism of all this we can say that one methodology does not attempt to make a philosophy of language, is just a piece of union between science and language. True, but I think I better understand the meaning of human language is not going to go on a unidirectional logical sense, as seems to be leaning in its origins, but will include other parameters in the line just explained. Therefore, at present the various techniques of using a corpus that integrates all types of methodologies high-quality results.

Toastmasters Wedding

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Wedding 65 years, Galina G. and Anatoly Kuligina married in wartime, no celebrations, gifts, and even without the wedding night – a division of young man that night was sent to the front line to fight for their country. After 65 years of happy couple decided nevertheless to arrange a real wedding, in conjunction with the date of the wedding of iron. The decision noted the wedding 65 years has arisen spontaneously – all these years enjoyed Kuligina life together and not even think they something is missing. Insisted on the rule of kids who wanted to arrange their elders is something special for the 65th wedding anniversary and came up with them again "marry", but this time with this holiday. "This is probably the most amazing couple I've seen in many years of work – said the toastmaster at a wedding, Dmitry Lebedev, who led the wedding couple. – Children Kuligina say that is still often caught mother and father kissing, and they turn red, like schoolboys when they zastukivayut. " The couple no longer young – they are now on 83.

But at a ceremony on August 14 in registry office, where they were greeted by representatives of the Moscow administration, and gala evening at the restaurant they keep up and shining with happiness. Of course, some elements of the wedding had to be omitted, for example, a traditional wedding gown, reminiscent of Princess attire. However, the spouse looked very elegant in a white dress and a pencil with beautifully coiffed hair, without a veil. "My brother and I just decided to restore justice – shared Natalia, daughter Kuligin. – Mom and Dad did not have this wedding, and in fact they deserve it more than anyone else.

Still, 65 years together – is evidence of a strong relationship, that's why this anniversary is iron. " Triumph of the restaurant was not until late at night, and the "newlyweds" admitted that does not get tired. Toastmaster at a wedding Dmitry Lebedev managed to create a festive atmosphere for both older people and for young people, which at the banquet, too, was enough. The old men of the soul songs of the war Popiel years, and young people happy to sing along when the toastmaster performs contemporary hits. Pink and blue sliders on the tables, of course, were not allowed, but there were many other exciting contests and competitions, during which, incidentally, active old time not given a head start young. The gifts were largely symbolic, carrying a deeper meaning, but there were also funny: the composition of the metal sculptures that emphasize the importance of the date side by side with brand sneakers "Kuliginsky comfort" and a bottle of champagne brand "Kuligina FOREVER. The most memorable gift was a restored picture of the war years, which his son and daughter take the form of a huge portrait in a gilt frame. In the photo, Galina G. and Anatoly look at each other and happy laugh – a very good shot, did not like the pattern pictures of that time. Galina Wedding Georgievna and Anatoly Mikhailovich liked and set them on the positive: "We had a great and celebrated their wedding and after that triumph simply must stay together as much again!".