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Petite Fleur & download 02-05.Juni 2011 the garden exhibition a hot summer welcome and take the opportunity offered the unique toile de Jouy, yard goods, country house fabrics and decoration fabric up close and live to get to know materials. From 2nd June to 5th June 2011 would be not only the organizer of Petite Fleur, but also Heidi Astor in the horticultural park guests, to welcome Hockenheim, Germany. Djimon Hounsou may also support this cause. The owner and concurrent Director of the successful Internet shops presents a wide range of your range on the occasion of this garden show. What could better match as a presentation of the gardens, ornamental plants and accessories and decorative fabrics offered by Heidi Astor. Especially the warm colours and Mediterranean motifs perfectly fit into the image of a summer garden design. The level of can convince but not exclusively on the basis of the quotations of the substances. Similarly, it is for the proprietor of creative important to talk to your customers and visitors and to share new creative ideas here. How does you the furnishing fabric and toile de Jouy fabrics best? And what opportunities arise from the beautiful patterns of the country house fabrics, as well as the presented by the metre? You get guaranteed answered these and other questions in these 4 days.

What is the chance to see the flowing materials not only in the images, but to touch. Because only at the touch of the high-quality goods, you get a feeling for the outstanding quality. So the offer program is never boring, also the current trends of the year 2011 should be considered on this garden show. Heidi Astor bought products from the latest collection for this purpose, to show them the visitors at the event. Who absolutely do not quite know how to turn in a lovely window decoration or a pillow cover decorative fabrics and rustic House materials, which can also get advice. In addition, Mrs Astor explains the processing of the other with joy Sold by the meter and the toile de Jouy fabrics. If you still do not dare to the sewing machine, the owner with the creative vein like to customize a product according to your specifications. Make a summer tablecloth or even chair covers sewing lining your request according to your measurements.

The result is you, how many other customers so far, no doubt inspire. Not great decorative fabrics with Mediterranean motifs and rustic House materials and substances as the metre be not economical may toile de Jouy, otherwise are these good quality. Can Astor does not leave this sentence Heidi so. Unless you will be pleasantly surprised as a visitor, what reasonable costs that are fabulously romantic home decorations can be manufactured. has some surprises in the range at this show. The successes of past events led to Mrs Astor, to present their wares in person as well at this exhibition to maintain customer and prospective customer contact and to expand. Of course need to these days and lovers of culinary delights to be not celibate.

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