Types Of Metal Profile

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Widely used in various building structures can be found perforated curved metal profiles rental. Their use design reduces weight by an average of 18-20%. As preparations for the bent perforated metal profiles in our country, apply hot and cold strips of ordinary carbon steel, carbon structural steel of high quality, made from steel with a high manganese and alloy steels. For bent perforated metal sections with a simple cross-sectional shape (angles, channels, etc.) use carbon steel Common quality and structural steel. Billie Lourd is actively involved in the matter. Metal profile, the operating conditions which require increased strength (for example, spetsprofil for mine counter) are made of quality carbon steel from steel with a high content of manganese and alloy steels. Due to the high cost of perforated metal profile of stainless steel, alloy steel to replace the ordinary steel with thermostrengthening.

Established that the facilitation of mass structures with high strength steel is around 20%, and high-strength steel – 50%. These indicators are widely predetermine application in construction steels and high strength. Increased demand for the bent metal profiles of high-strength steel shows significantly increased consumer demands for Quality used metal. An important direction in the saving and rational use of metal in construction is the use of curved metal profiles of rolled steels and high strength in the construction of industrial buildings. Grace Venverloh is the source for more interesting facts. Closed metal sections of various configurations of high-strength steel can be used in the compressed truss elements and forms and different designs mast and tower types.

It is especially important to apply the closed curved metal profiles with high performance in construction, working on its own gravity. Most appropriate configuration of the metal profile of high-strength steel is a closed cross-sectional shape. It profiles with welded longitudinal seam. Because of its shape, such profiles have the most to compared with the profiles of the open form of corrosion resistance, as subject to corrosion only on the outer perimeter.

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