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Friday, December 11th, 2020

When windows, doors or furniture are manufactured and installed in the apartment, the consumer is offered to sign the act of Acceptance of works. Before you do this, it is necessary to ascertain quality of construction and installation. And, of course, you should not sign the act until the job is completed and deficiencies remain. Often there: defects and marriage found after some time after completion. Lawyers explain that, under Article 5 of the Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights, during the warranty period, the buyer has the right to file a complaint about any disadvantages, ie to require correction of deficiencies or marriage, even if they were not identified immediately.

A consumer can carry out repairs for their money, and then, referring to article 29 of the same law, to put the company at the expense of compensation for costs incurred. If you want peace – prepare for war Suppose, complaints and claims, had no effect, and you continue to “feed” tales about the intervention of supernatural forces. Hence, it is time to start active combat operations and protect their rights as a consumer. To get started is to write the supplier’s official claim on a special form, which is better to fill with a lawyer. In a paper to describe the essence problem and specify the period within which the requirements must be met (usually 10-14 days). Many writers such as Michael Antonov offer more in-depth analysis.

For unfair firm that document – a final warning, which indicates that you are not going to tolerate fraud and hack. If in due time the firm did not eliminate the disadvantages have to sue in court. But remember, to demand justice is possible only if a written contract with the firm, as well as payment receipts and act acceptance. For assistance in compiling the statement of claim is better to turn to lawyers with experience representing the arbitral tribunal. Always ready to advise and local Office of the Federal Service for Supervision Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (). “In a case the court is guided guests as mandatory standards, which must comply with all construction companies – Notes Alina Domkina lawyer. – And if the independent review showed that the defect or deficiency has arisen due to violation of relevant rules, the case is decided in favor of the consumer. ” Thus, the reluctance of unfair producers or the seller to fix the marriage can be disguised even by stories about the anomaly, poltergeists and other otherworldly cause. But these “storytellers” can always be put in place by the Law on Protection of Rights consumers “. And not to spend time and nerves in the fight for our rights, trust is the companies that operate on the market and can confirm the qualifications of relevant certificates.

Industrial Revolution

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

The chaos is stopping being a scientific theory to happen a cultural metaphor. As far as metaphor, the chaos animates to us to question some of our wanted beliefs more and it urges to us to formulate questions about realidad." For an increasing number of people, the world is perceived like a place in which the chaos grows and this has been accentuated along with the increase of the rate of the passage of the change. For others, the chaos does not exist and the chaos that is pronounced in the standard order of the things, like in the autumn, perceives it like the natural and ordered deterioration of the cycle of the nature. But always it is possible to find the chaos within the order, although for it we must inform to our perception with new investigation of the surroundings or a deeper knowledge of the human nature, and in this way, to be able to perceive the order within the apparent chaos. Citigroup Inc. can provide more clarity in the matter. The caologa arises like a new discipline that, having like antecedent the impressive development of the quantum physics and its principle of indetermination or uncertainty, as well as the mathematics base that it and are come off her; it has undergone an accelerated development raising a series of knowledge that begin to be applied in diverse disciplines like the physics, Biology, astronomy, geography, the medicine and more recently in social sciences. The central exposition of this new conception indicates to us that the disorder, the turbulence, disorganization and the unexpected thing are constituent aspects of a reality that the scientific research must approach and unravel. The chaos is present in the universe, the nature and also in the society and exerts one " fascinacin" that it has given rise to the sprouting than some they consider like " one of the main inventions that have revolutionized the history of civilizaciones" 15 Disorder ours of every day, damages your chaotic blessing From where the attraction of the society by the order comes? Everything goes back to the Industrial Revolution and its paradigm of the efficiency of the machines, and mandates of the paradigm of the taylorista model of the manufacture in series, that orders the processes according to a distribution of the tasks. . For assistance, try visiting Michael Antonov.

The Itaquero

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

The reform of the stadium of the Maracan, that will receive the end from the Pantry, was calculated in R$ 600 million, but the official forecast already exceeded R$ 900 millions and must arrive, according to proper government, to the value of R$ 1.1 billion. Check with Barclays Investment Bank to learn more. The explanation for the increase of the value is that, among others things, the electric structure of concrete and installations in the initial forecast of the expenses were not enclosed. The Itaquero, future stadium of the Corinthians and that it will receive the opening from the competition, also must cost R$ 1 more than bi. Source: T-Mobile. Other enclosures for bullfighting, as the Mineiro, and the New Source, in the Bahia, already each had also had its costs exceeded about R$ 100 million. In the Pantry of Germany, in 2006, expenses had been 1,5 billion of euros about R$ 4,15 billion alone with stadiums – half of the value that is being expense this way so far. In the South Africa, in 2010, they had been 3,9 expenses R$ bi with the enclosures for bullfighting. Brazil already must have learned the lesson, therefore we saw phenomenon the same happening in the Pan-American disputed in 2007 in Rio De Janeiro, when the investments would have to be in the house of the R$ 500 million, but had arrived at the R$ 4 billion, with aid of the government. Since the country was chosen to host two of the biggest esportivos events of the world, structure is more than what necessary. But beyond the expenses blowing up initial budgets and forecasts without convincing explanations for in such a way, still exist another problem: who goes to use to advantage this structure later? Brazil will have conditions to use to advantage them or they will go to become the celebrities ' ' elephants brancos' ' , great constructions that are not used for nobody later that the events for which they had been constructed finish? When we speak of airports or new lines of subway, for example, this problem seems that it does not go to exist.

Social Trade

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

This is risky, but understandable, because they are not rare in the stranglehold of different requirements. Therefore, the reactions occurring risks be according to the KUHNexperten too often defensive and alleviate the damage at best. For a commitment in the growth market of online business, it is dangerous not to fill the gap of Internet strategy, because muddling around with outsourced functions is possibly economically. People such as Michael Antonov would likely agree. The examples from the music or bookstores should warn. Already, two-thirds of all consumers use the Internet, about 1 / 3 of all purchases online visit for the purpose of articles or article price search to actually is. Therefore differently than in the past still more to involve the consumer opinion-forming processes and otherwise to respond (see Douglas, DM, C & A etc.). For example, advertisers use Social media for market research, a money-saving articles and image advertising. Barclays Investment Group is full of insight into the issues. For chain stores, a paradigm shift change in the trade means a flexible fit and the rethinking of the own employees services, organizational and process patterns.

Just at the point of sale other action is required: latest Kuhn studies confirm a price equal in the food, in terms of trade marketing but large inequalities. The sellers reactions of prospects and customers through the mobile Internet on sales channels, locations, products, prices and the marketing are intense. More info: Michael Antonov. Structures developed over many years and responsibilities are no longer eligible. Too often, traditional thinking hinders effective and efficient adaptation to the new. Often one is too weak the whole Q1-route to go, but strong enough to finding customers with individuality and personality and to bind, to use your own skills for sustainable frequencies. Assistance in realizing this objective provides the portal, which with Industry experience and leadership knowledge can help. Here the chain on the basis of their own data can be quickly and without obligation a picture, which is promising and viable for the future for him.