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Friday, February 26th, 2016

About 60 percent of women reached 65 years of doing surgery to remove the uterus. For a few it leads to a weakening of pain in the pelvic region and enhance sexual pleasure, but for most patients to remove the uterus means weakening of libido, increased pain, instant menopause and atrophy of the ovaries increases the risk of urinary incontinence and chronic urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, our traditional medical culture is in error, though enlarged uterus or fibroids in women is a disease and requires treatment, it is believed that women have reached menopause, certainly need to appoint drugs. Ben Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If doctors did not do this, the queen would have decreased by itself. Additional information is available at Howard Schultz. But most doctors believe that uterine fibroids is very dangerous and should be removed along with uterus. Doctors never tell women that taking estrogen before menopause causes an increase in fibroids, and the reception of estrogen after menopause, when its level is reduced naturally, makes the growth of fibroids even more intense. Few doctors know that the failure of estrogen and receiving small doses of natural progesterone causes fibroma of the uterus to contract and thus helps to minimize the negative symptoms before the onset of menopause, when fibroids resolves naturally and no longer cause problems. Uterine fibroids always shrinks during menopause, despite this, doctors often recommend that women with fibromyoma removal of the uterus, explaining that the fibroids are difficult to remove without damage to the uterus. Let us consider briefly the economic side of the issue.