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Guatemalas Government

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Guatemala lived in 1960-1996 one of the worst internal wars that have ravaged Latin America. There killed 200,000 people, most of them Mayan civilians. Many thought that the wounds of the conflict were going to heal after the end of bipolarity and the fact the former guerrilla was bolted to liberal democracy. The arrival of alvaro Colom as the first Social Democratic President of the country generated expectations that the country could build bridges between native communities suffered massacres and the State. However, a strong crisis has erupted. The catalyst has been the murder of lawyer Rosenberg, which, shortly before his death he recorded a video in which warned that if he was victimizer it would be by order of the President and his wife.

The opposition has presented 30,000 signatures calling for cessation of presidential immunity. On Sunday there were two competing marches. One against the Government and in which the predominant sectors were clear complexion and of medium or high class. The other was in favour of the President and made up of humble people and copper-toned complexion. The Government has released the speech that there is a confrontation between two Guatemalas: the poor and the rich, and that there is a coup for the narcos and the right. Polarization can aggravate.

The Rio Group does not want to fall Colom. Although EE.UU. or the countries of the region would not accept a coup, the preaching of the class struggle could encourage former social bases of the left radicalicen.

Free Download

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Tatjana85356 I have a question for those who have been living in Germany: it dangerous to download from the Internet anything for free? I mean the Russian sites with music, films and books. When I need something, I just find in the Internet and download your personal a library. Male horrified by this activity, says that just come and and huge fines. For me, it sounds incredible. I told him that I use for downloading the Russian internet, and I have Russian citizenship, why Germans have to punish me for it? Roman2907 Everything you download with copyright infringement, falls under a penalty no matter what your nationality. Since you live in Germany, we must abide by their laws. Practically, only those content with the western sites Russian sites they track.

Tatjana85356 And if the site need to register before you download for free, it can be something to lose? Roman2907 If the Russian, then nothing except as additional spam is not threatened. The more intelligent people are never your real-world data do not write. Hoffman Some people earn money by catching those who want to download from the Internet. If the detail, then you go to work, come home pc is not on the table a piece of paper from the police that the computer seized, and there they will find, plus discs. Last downloaded an album Ramstein.

Looking For A Business Idea

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

If you are thinking about which idea you start an internet business, you must base that business on their own personal abilities or interests. Credit: Jim Umpleby-2011. People who almost always build their business around their own personal passions or experience, tend to succeed more quickly than those who do not. This makes sense, when you think about it carefully. If you is not a passionate about what you are doing, simply won’t find it pleasant to do and probably will not be successful. On the other hand, people who follow their passions are those who are most motivated to stick to their business and do the work necessary to help grow and improve them. The unique abilities and interests can come in a variety of surprising ways. For example, know how to pass the exam required to become fireman is a skill in which you could build a business.

Are also some hobbies, such as collecting model trains or collecting tickets from other countries, or busting a bad habit, such as smoking or biting their nails. Knowing how to treat a mother-in-law intense, is even a skill that could turn into a successful business on the internet! (Don’t worry mother-in-law, I’m not talking about you.) If you honestly believe that you don’t have any valuable skill or knowledge, evil is selling. I am sure that absolutely every person on the planet has some kind of specialized knowledge or experience that could become the foundation of a successful business on the internet. However, if you find difficulty to deduce exactly what their specialized knowledge or experience, don’t worry. You’re certainly not the only. Many people have the problem to deduce what they do better than others. You simply need to think about their life experiences. Create a list of all the jobs that had ever, all hobbies that has followed ever, all the volunteer work who has done ever, all the times that has helped someone and who has been doing very well and challenging situations that he has had to overcome in his life.