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Posted by Ralf on August 22nd, 2017 — Posted in News


Tatjana85356 I have a question for those who have been living in Germany: it dangerous to download from the Internet anything for free? I mean the Russian sites with music, films and books. When I need something, I just find in the Internet and download your personal a library. Male horrified by this activity, says that just come and and huge fines. For me, it sounds incredible. I told him that I use for downloading the Russian internet, and I have Russian citizenship, why Germans have to punish me for it? Roman2907 Everything you download with copyright infringement, falls under a penalty no matter what your nationality. Since you live in Germany, we must abide by their laws. Practically, only those content with the western sites Russian sites they track.

Tatjana85356 And if the site need to register before you download for free, it can be something to lose? Roman2907 If the Russian, then nothing except as additional spam is not threatened. The more intelligent people are never your real-world data do not write. Hoffman Some people earn money by catching those who want to download from the Internet. If the detail, then you go to work, come home pc is not on the table a piece of paper from the police that the computer seized, and there they will find, plus discs. Last downloaded an album Ramstein.

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