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Socialist Government

Monday, September 30th, 2013

There is coincidence of opinion about how the newspaper la Razon manages the public information: Gomez begins the clean in Getafe. This is all intentional, and filtration, with spurious purposes nothing adjusted to reality. I don’t know if the question Councillors vote in favour or against Tomas Gomez, that no one else that they know it. Of what Yes attest, is that the meeting with the newly elected Secretary General, does not occur on the night of Friday to Saturday, but, after the election. In other words, in the night from Saturday to Sunday. I do not know you to negotiate over the presence of Francisco Hita in Bankia enterprises. That is what called hunting. He said that we have talked about the content of the literature and political miseries that contains.

Nobody in their right mind understands that it passes information to the media that way. Everything indicates that this benefits no one. Goal: lose all. But, within the disaster that aim to establish in the pool, I commented cuarentones youth group have already assigned second-hand hunting shotguns and several institutional charges in the future Socialist Government of Getafe. That, is to sell the skin of the bear before hunting it. Although it may seem Kafkaesque, so things happen. Now, without going into analysis of past situations, Yes, I discuss what I think about the genesis of this drama.

All this begins when the Secretary General de Getafe, Pedro Castro, concurrently President of the WEF, pronounced the famous: why is there so much silly of los cojones voting right. That phrase mortgage you and then in all processes that came they force you to pay that nobody from the Federal Socialist direction requested his resignation. Thus, the change of position can be understood when he said that if someone got your hand between Gomez and Castro, pulled the stump. But, I repeat: this is a story passed and settled in the 12 th Regional Congress. Now in Getafe, democracy, unity, loyalty, freedom, and change

Earn Money By Traveling Less

Monday, September 16th, 2013

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Higher Performance Press Office

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Argentaformacion, a higher performance ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN Press Office renews its business line dedicated to the training of managers, middle managers and general staff. Madrid March 21, 2011. ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN, independent communication, public relations and direct marketing agency, has committed to improve its portfolio of services renewing founded the group division a year ago, ARGENTAFORMACION, to provide training programs and tailor-made courses in techniques and skills associated with communications, people management, marketing and sales. The innovations that brings to the market the company, include courses on training of spokespersons, personal communication, project management, political communication, time management, or how to speak in public. The aim of these workshops is to give the keys to the departments of communication of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve a high performance team. And all this, offering the service quality and close ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN usually give their different clients.

In addition, ARGENTAFORMACION offers several modes for these courses. On the one hand, they can be in-house, where the Agency moves to the company in question to form to a specific Department. On the other hand, are general courses in different Spanish cities that can assist managers and employees in more than one company. ARGENTAFORMACION is proposed with these courses and seminars train managers, middle managers and general staff in the areas of specialization of the Agency: communication, Marketing, public relations, human resources, training of Secretaries, College and University sales training. There is no investment more profitable that Lola Garcia, Chief Executive of ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN, says knowledge available to stakeholders our experience in training, to offer an active and personalized attention in the development of their training plans. We can design a program custom made training, adaptado adapted to your needs specific and impart in your company or in our facilities. On ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN (, communication, public relations and marketing, Agency offers companies of all sectors solutions that can optimize your account of results and achieve their goals. An expert in relations with national and international media, offers all services related to the project being undertaken, including: auditing and analysis of communication, planning and development of communication strategies, development of communication plan, creation of direct marketing campaigns, training of executives for his relationship with the media, relations with investors and management of crisis situations. ARGENTACOMUNICACIoN is specialized in companies, products and services launch campaigns.


Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

This article simply wishes to draw to the reflection on this exciting topic that can have so many implications in our lives from the everyday up to levels of global survival. The environment is becoming a source of competitive advantage: rationalizing the consumption of natural resources, promotes technological development, improves the image of the brand, the company and the product, increases the chances to penetrate other markets, and almost always increases the satisfaction of its employees and customers. We insist that there must be one linking companies with the protection of the environment, where his management really undertakes to ensure that production processes, the same products manufacturing are not pollutants in the environment where they operate. Administrators who consider the environment as a key strategic factor have given the blank. Manage currently translates into having clear and present at all times the concept of social responsibility and does not imagine an organization surrounded by vegetation and fauna making contrast with a building of iron and concrete; is internalizing the culture of protecting the environment in the Organization, no matter the same dimensions or the number of employees that this owned by you, the important thing is to achieve not only identify with the objectives of the company that they adopt the culture of preservation because this causes not only economic benefits, but it provides personal benefits with respect to health and mental well-being of individuals. Some pioneers have anticipated and have taken very important and profound changes in its environmental culture, in the mode of addressing the problems and seek solutions. They use their bet by the care of the environment as an asset of the organization. A good manager will always pursue the benefit of your organization but if natural resources are used properly this can get: saving of deduct me them, rates, royalties, environmental taxes, etc.; savings in fines and penalties; saving on insurance premiums; deductions for green investments; Access to favourable credit conditions.

PBC Cost

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

is he who is without taking into consideration the experience gotten. This budget is useful to the excessive and continuous rise in prices, upgrade requirements, change, and steadily increasing costs at all levels, basically. It is very costly and untimely information. The design of some authors, the analysis process of each budget item, starting with the current level of each, and then justify additional expenditures that may require the programs next year, is typical of public administration and should not be the procedure for deciding in the private sphere. To this end, pushed the PBC (zero-based budgeting) as a technique that supports the principle that for the next period the amount of each item is zero. While a valid approach given by the previously executed, another states that nothing exists and everything must be justified from scratch, analyzing the cost – benefit of each activity.The first of the systems (incremental method) modifies the items in the previous period, while the latter transferred to each period responsibility for their justification to the holders of each area. The appearance of the PBC was a reaction to the procedure in public sector – primarily quantitative and qualitative almost anything – that not only contributes to a critical analysis of each game, but a kind of inertia generally promotes an increase in expenditures. Their instrumentation or application involves several stages, the most important the analysis of the items or packages decision because it depends on most of the results to improve their effectiveness. The PBC is hardly operational because it requires each manager starts every year from scratch, as if it had never been active and discover a new way of working and also to evaluate the cost relating to the benefit.In a real budget, the previous reporting period are always subject to change or elimination, and should be carefully analyzed and evaluated in order to their destinations. However, it should be noted that the common budget does not mean that previous expenditures are endorsed and often simply increased. By contrast, requires competition for the periodic review of all proceedings and evaluation of management and activities of each responsible for defining the component parts. The PBC is a process whereby the administration by enacting the annual budget, making decisions to allocate resources for indirect areas of the company, so that in each of these indirect activities is shown that the profit generated is greater than the cost incurred.No matter what the activity is being developed from long ago, if not justify its benefit should be removed, ie on the principle that all activities should be subject to cost – benefit analysis. This technique does not apply to any item of raw material cost, labor and manufacturing overhead. It is immediately applicable, especially in companies where the proportion of indirect costs to the product is greater than the direct costs to total costs.