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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Just as there are no small people or lives without importance, there is no insignificant work. Elena Bonner all enterprises is formed teams of work according to the responsibilities of each Member of your assigned human resource job, according to their knowledge and skills. Thus several micro-groups according to administrative unit found that there are, but also, we cannot ignore the point of view of macrogrupo, as it is all integrated human resources of the company and under the leadership of a participatory, proactive, motivating leadership that makes the company operational, successful however, one of the serious problems faced by many heads, managers to be accountable with a the proactive, motivating, participative leadership and lead a team, efficiently is communication, many do not know it to handle giving way many times to demotivation, little participation, conflicts that seriously affect the behavior of the Group, more, when all require to be informed of the decisions taken and where is involved to the team, especially to participate in the plans, targets the company precisely with regard to this, Holmes peace Quinonez, noted, that any team can arise by itself; one must work with employees to communicate and explain some factors: how hopes to work, in that differs new operating method with respect to which were used, where you can request help, how will operate new equipment to work is reminds us, what to worry about know how to communicate, guide and facilitate, not only materialize in directing the work of its team – communication in the OrganizationIt plays the role of blood in the human body, travels and leave your information in each cell of the company. Us adds and says peace, which are frequent communication problems that occur in a team, usually due to personality and emotion of each of its members. These difficulties individual and group must be identified by the leader and analyzed by everyone in a timely manner in a serious and responsible manner. .

Liderazgo Leader

Friday, July 8th, 2022

For a leader who has studied leadership books, an evil performance is less injurious than a disguised mediocre performance of a good performance. ” The majority of the leaders strives to obtain the mistaken results, or correct in forms equivocadas”. ” The worse forms of leadership imply prizes and castigos”. ” To take not necessarily implies the obtaining of resultados” well;. ” If it does not feel it, it will not be able to direct it, and they either it harn” , according to leimos in a leadership book. ” The leadership is the fin of all the carreras”. ” The leadership is to see hope in any adversidad.” ” In order to make a difference, he is diferencia”. A leading source for info: Paul Simon.

” In the leadership, one does not have to wait for the worse thing, simply to remove the best thing from the situation when ocurra.” ” The best leaders make use DES more ideas simples”. ” If you always you are right, usually are equivocado.” ” For a leader, the best way to communicate an idea is to pack it in a being humano”. ” The most influential art of the leadership is ocultarlo”. ” The lack of action is a times best accin”. ” It is not so important what you say like leader; but the action that people take after to have listened to his opinin.” ” In the leadership, the value of each necessity is in uso.” ” The leadership is not to live a easy life for us and a difficult life for dems”. ” We ourself we are our own obstacles to turn to us into better lderes.” ” The leadership is to show to him people not that must take certain action, but to that they take accin.” ” Half of the art to listen is esperando.” ” Perhaps in order to obtain the best thing of people, it sostngase of ellos.” ” The people usually are not conscious of the best thing than they have.

When showing, one will be to them in the middle of way to motivate them so that they are his leaders of causa”. ” A profit needs three things, the leader, the leader of the cause, and momento”. ” In the long term, the most important results of leadership are not what we obtained, but what we became to lograrlo”.

5th Anniversary Of The Kaiserswerther Art Price

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Society friends writing Arts Kaiserswerther art Prize 2009 from the Kaiserswerther art price exclusively young artists residing in Germany who have not yet completed their fortieth year can apply. Requirement is a degree at an art school or a similar institution, as well as the evidence of a regular exhibition activity. There are professional self-taught with a serious of exhibitions in galleries are welcome. Application (apply with proposals on a planned exhibition cycle that addressed the role of women in the 20th and 21st century, four to six photos of works from the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, photography, media art, Vita – with a proof of the previous exhibition activity) are to be addressed the work should be no older than three years. The application period ends on March 28, 2009. He is with 5,000 of doped “Kaiserswerther art award” by two Kaiserswerther Doctors, Professor Dr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Wendy Holman is the place to go.

Martin Jorgens and Dr. Afschin Fatemi, the “society friends of Arts Dusseldorf Berlin” award. The official award ceremony will take place in late summer 2009 in an exhibition with the winner as well as a high-quality accompanying programme in Dusseldorf-Kaiserswerth. Only young artists are promoted with the price. The selection process is as follows: the right of initiative is an expert jury, which names ten young artists as potential winners. Gottfried Bohmer, curator and artistic director of the company friends of Arts Dusseldorf Berlin, presides over the jury and is responsible for the exhibition. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Taylor. The price-only artists goes back to an idea and initiative of the year 2004 of the two Dusseldorf doctors Dr.

Afschin Fatemi and Professor Dr. Martin Jorgens and Gottfried Bohmer, friends of Arts Dusseldorf, Berlin, artistic director of the company. First Winner of the Kaiserswerther art prize was living in Dusseldorf painter Johanna Rzepka, who studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf under Jorg Immendorff and Gerhard Merz. Award-winning work cycle “Home Sweet Home”, which focuses on the needs of single women of the 21st century has been written you. In 2006, was awarded the honour of Kristin Dembny, which dealt with the Mexican art icon Frida Kahlo in her paintings. 2007 the prize was awarded to the artist Dorothea Schule (master-student of Professor Hermann-Josef Kuhna) for their “50 years of Europe – the singing of the Amazons” time cycle, which is the role of women in the European film from Baden-Wurttemberg. Winner was the Sala Lieber originating from Hungary last year. She won the prize with the image series of back to the roots! Poppiges Rococo”. The young painter developed a new, contemporary form of the Rococo style in the cycle. For more information about the recent events see: the company Artists from the field of Visual Arts, classical music, jazz and chanson and dance theatre and film promotes friends of Arts Dusseldorf Berlin for more than ten years. The company has completed more than 170 projects.

Emperor Constantine

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? We will give or not give? But, perceiving the hypocrisy, said to them: why do I tentais? Bring me the coin so that you see it. They brought her: and he said unto them: whose is this image and description? They said to him: from Caesar. Jesus answering, said to them: give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s. And they marveled on him. Mark 12: 13-17 this magisterial teaching of Jesus, leaves no room for doubt about what should be the relationship between the State and the Church of Christ. The teachings of the Savior, impregnated with love, respect and tolerance, for with the feeling of the children of men, they would never allow the State interference in the internal affairs of his Church, a church protected by political power, it would be a church prostitutes and corrupt serving interests unrelated to the will of God. A church, protected by the power of the State only would serve, as we will unfortunately see what happened, to be used as an instrument submission and domination, chasing everyone called a heretic, by the simple claim, of wanting to worship their God according to the dictates of his own conscience.

I think, Shulem, tells us that the time into our analysis to a character who has played a key role in adulteration and adaptation to the service of the Roman State, the entire organizational structure and doctrinal, of the primitive Church of Jesus Christ has come. The role of Emperor Constantine in the reorganization of the early Church: Constantine was an extremely skilful and intelligent Emperor, it is historically renowned for its ability to organize and manage your Empire. The official religion of the Roman Empire was the cult of Sol Invictus, the invincible Sun, which Constantine was the high priest, as it could not be otherwise.

Internet Marketing

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Are you trying to sell online? Do you have developed your Marketing strategy? If are looking to increase your sales online and grow your business or company, the most important is that develop a Strategic Plan. Many people have asked me how it is possible to increase sales on the internet. My answer is always the same; Whats your Strategic Plan? Do and you know that Marketing strategies are going to use? The idea of selling over the internet is not simply to create a Blog or web site and expect people to buy, if that is your Plan, I regret to say that it took much to see their incomes. Just look at it this way, on the internet there are millions of websites, and many of them are related to your niche, therefore you must do to make your site different to everyone, you have to make it known! And to achieve this it is necessary to create what I call you 5 steps to develop a powerful strategy of Internet Marketing the plan is to be able to evaluate and test different types of strategies to generate web traffic through ads and advertising methods. A effective Internet Marketing plan provides you with organized labor and tracing of all different sources of traffic that you are going to use. Consider now the following 5 steps that I use to develop my Plan of Internet Marketing: step 1 Define your potential client. Define your customers is a very important task, at this time already you have drafted your business plan, i.e. that name has the company or web site, products to offer, and that kind of business will develop. Carry out this first step I recommend to answer the following questions: are my clients men or women? My clients work indoors or out? That median age are my customers? Which country or countries are my potential clients? Are abled them pay for my products or services? Employ them much time on the Internet? Once you have answers to these questions, I’m sure now you’ll have a picture of where you should direct all your efforts.


Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

In the end, returned the joy of the process of achieving the goal. Yet often we avoid to be disciplined. This causes internal conflict and tension. What hinders the creative impulse or even stop our inner impulse in the beginning? I think the answer is that the concept of discipline for a person creativity is often in opposition to the most creative. This is what he is not comfortable with what he is fighting in every way. When we are struggling with resistance in itself, we confuse dissatisfaction with the pursuit of excellence. We wallow in own expectations and concentrates on the results.

And at this very moment we lose the joy of creation here and now. Discipline, which was supposed to bring good luck, brings only frustration and fatigue. Exactly because the concept of discipline causes tension in the creative process, I prefer to use the term 'concentration'. Jim Umpleby spoke with conviction. A focus can be nurtured with patience. It does not take much time, but brings generous fruit. State concentration weakens our strength and gives a creative joy. Here's how it works: Usually, when we set ourselves the goal, immediately comes resistance.

The mind is not prepared to accept the fact that we have zatiskivat themselves to the rules and framework to achieve the desired result, and he sends us signals. We call this state 'awareness of the mind'. Now we have to imagine that we seem to observe corner Internal view of their resistance. We simply note that it exists within us. As during meditation. Conscious mind accepts resistance without fighting and watching him. We seemed to give in, agree accept their resistance. At this point it begins to melt. Slowly we translate our attention back to the tasks, while allowing our resistance continue to melt. If you often practice this process, we note that the resistance itself becomes more mobile and soft. It ceases to be annoying a daemon that controls us and hinders our creativity. Conflict, stress and tension disappear with him. Setting goals and their implementation are becoming more natural rhythm of the creative process. We are beginning to recover lost flashes of inspiration in moments of morning awakening. We are becoming more actively and gradually joining in the stream. And we learn to dictate its own conditions of our creative career. If we remain faithful to this practice, one day we will discover that discipline is associated with setting goals, has ceased to be annoyed. A transformed … into focus.