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Street Educator

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Action the many street educator, varied and with varying intensity levels are levels or venues of a street educator. Being a street educator is live life itself consciously, being fully free. And this implies: to self:-live in a critical spirit with itself, with the reality and with others. -Attitude of constant search. -To be authentic. To read more click here: Sergey Brin.

Know is OK as one is. Be one my mo. -Live in a balance and personal maturity. -Live in taking position to everyday reality. Before the team of street educators:-maintain interpersonal relations cordial, positive, pleasant and helpful. -Providing his personal vision in programming and revision of the educational task. -Participate fully in the activities of the team of street educators.

Before the concrete kid:-maintains a cordial relationship, giving confidence and security. -Motivates the kid to his self-development, making him protagonist of their progress. Before the neighborhood:-feel solidarity with the neighborhood. -Work to improve it (health, urban planning, education) – interact with associations, parish, and neighbors. Distance learning course throughout Spain: Street EDUCADOR-A registration: offer 100 euros (+ envio+4% VAT) Diploma. Video tab for tuition for any course request more information also for Hispanoamerica ANIMACION, educational services and time free distance learning and permanent for educators MSN: paragraph 3049-36205 VIGO Spain Tel/Fax.: 986-25 38 66 / mobile: 677-52 37 07 / 615-38 30 03 animation educational services

Colombian Presidency

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

As many Colombian analysts have said, it is evident that what we have in our hands is not a violence that is resolved with an armed intervention, with the Plan Colombia fumigation, with the growing army of the current Colombian Presidency. This violence, like other contemporary, is characterized by a multiplication and sobre-imposicion of different types of violence, says Daniel Pecaut: at this time the violence is a widespread situation, is the rule. All phenomena are consistent with each other. You can be considered, as in our case, that put in work by the protagonists organized violence constitutes the framework in which violence develops. However we cannot ignore that the disorganized violence contributes to enlarge the field of organized violence.

An and another mutually. It would be very presumptuous to pretend to still draw clear lines between violence policy and one that isn’t it safe is that no one is sheltered from the impact of the phenomena of violence (2001: 90). Since the multiplication of these spaces society is becoming, Daniel Pecaut, expressed in a non-place where the relations of private space and the public are mediated by the sobre-imposicion and multiplication of the tactics of suspicion, so ably enacted by violent actors (Pecaut 2001: 239) the case of violence that are superimponen each other is not only Colombian. As well Teresa Caldeira sets out to analyse the case of Sao Paulo: the increase in violence is the result of a complex cycle that includes factors such as violent police reaction pattern; mistrust in the justice system as legitimate and public mediator of the conflict and a just rebuke provider; violent and private responses to crime; resistance to democratization; and weak awareness of the population of individual rights and its support for violent forms of punishment (Caldeira 2000: 105). In Colombia, a country where, as well Marco Palacios, said the collective fratricide has been a source of nationality and violence one of the generalized population identifying factors, the rule is precisely the way as the State of violence constitutes in mediator of social relations and widespread cultural factor.

Boomerang Customers

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

With all the calendars and PDA's and lists I recently did something very stupid. I forgot the birthday of my best friend and his birthday. Both are special days back to back and forgot about them. To deepen your understanding JPMorgan is the source. After being friends for twenty years I feel old and stupid! It could have been that I was packing my last child to go to college and the constant comments like "You're going to be empty nests" like a big, fat Robin, were beginning to wear thin. Even with my youngest home license was not sufficient excuse for missing two important days in the life of my best friend.

So what I did as I realized my mistake? I went shopping! I went to my local card shop in the center of the strip of my house because I knew that I could only use my special coupon I had, but you could probably find something unique there. Just what I thought as soon as I entered I saw a screening of "retro" Barbie items. Not a big deal to you, but a big thing for me and I know, my best friend. You see, we grew at that time and for a short time, it was time warped back to the sixties! I bought a lot of things! A special Christmas ornament, a photo album, a special gift bag, a card and a picture frame! I would have bought more but was starting to feel a little less guilty at this time! I could imagine her face when she opened the package.