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Company President Helmut Speaker

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

It certainly attracts a lot .. This is an opportunity to change once the novice businessman living standards and further enhance its endeavor to continue as the company promotes the growth and outstanding payments on marketing, and new machines. There are 5 stages avtobonusa, at each stage of the machine better and more expensive. 3. Covers the wide interests of clients. Everyone has their own preferences.

Someone who likes engage in their own health, someone loves makeup, many can not imagine their life without coffee. And if earlier it was necessary to subscribe to various companies to buy quality products from the manufacturer, then Now there is a company NWA. And within a single company, with a unified marketing, it became possible not only to acquire high-quality products in one place, but also to earn decent money. Here are the main areas of products: cosmetics care, decorative cosmetics, perfumes, additives, juices, jeans, coffee, water filters, ornaments, animal feed, clothing and accessories from leading fashion houses and brands, and this is just the beginning. In the future provides an even greater growth range. With full design capacity will be up to 30,000 names of various products. 4.Nemalovazhnym is experience and leadership, the president and his team ..

Company President Helmut Speaker has 20 years experience successful network management company. Management of the company also has vast experience of joint cooperation. The company has a lot of money: at the very beginning to invest millions of euros and the process continues. Built three large buildings: Logistics Center Company, which occupies 10,000 square meters, call center and service center. Purchased by the new company and are included with the Alliance. There is a great product line for every taste and wallet, that provides excellent opportunities for rapid growth. And the best part about all this, the company is still very young, so everyone has a chance to become the highest-paid leader of NWA! The company is really a great future, so as there are excellent conditions for this.


Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The program’s goal is to allow, through vocational guidance, technical and business training and counseling to develop productive projects for people in situation of displacement, to develop skills and competencies in a specialty, develop business plans in their places of origin or where they moved. The “plan of action to the population displaced by violence nationwide” integrates all areas of the body in order to respond immediately and effectively to the needs of this population and socio-economic support to restore it. Requirements and mechanisms for accessing the program benefit Having over 14 years of age To be included in the information system displaced population-SIPOD Identity To access this program must register the Public Employment Service of the Seine through the virtual environment ( or in places of public employment service located nationwide. Phases of attention to IDPs a) entry to the database of public service employment to access to vocational guidance services, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and advice in the formulation of productive projects and the employment agency services. b) vocational guidance, through occupational, that identify occupational interests and goals of the population in situation of displacement. c) technical training in productive skills, to develop in learners knowledge, skills and theoretical skills – practical, enabling it to improve their job-related skills, to properly implement its business plan, or seek their employability. d) entrepreneurship and assistance to develop productive projects, to awaken the entrepreneurial mindset practitioners and facilitate the development of your business plan to build and strengthen a business, generating income for their household