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Econda Logistics

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

For retailers and fans of Hofbauhaus merchandise is given a: Kempen, February 15, 2012. There is a new official online shop under Hofbrau Who is ordered merchandise, will enjoy professional service. Because the PORTICA GmbH took over marketing support for the CHAPS merchandising GmbH, the new license holder for the Hofbauhaus-merchandising products, the reorganization of the Web shop, the complete logistics, payment processing and accounting. PORTICA convinced CHAPS with its industry expertise and a suitable service portfolio, so that could start the project beginning July 2011. The challenge was to develop a corporate identity compliant hybrid shop, coupled with a reconstruction of the logistics in the sense of a relaunch, ensuring an optimal marketing for B2B and B2C”, explains Norbert Haab, Senior Manager of professional services at PORTICA. Both dealers of the Hofbrauhaus-merchandising products than also consumer should to be worked over a extensive product range select and comfortably order can. PRINCE2 certified project Manager Professional Services Division implemented in collaboration with CHAPS the webshop, the accounts receivable management and logistics.

The webshop has extensive possibilities in terms of usability and administration. The layout of the user interface was adapted by individually created templates the wishes of CHAPS, the look and feel of the image of the Hofbrauhaus. Consumers can make purchases without registration. In business is the ability to make subject to minimum order requirements of the respective customer. With the support of the payment service provider Ogone, a payment management has been integrated so that customers can easily pay by credit card or PayPal. Other forms of payment will be in the near future to expand the selection. Also, CHAPS administrators can use numerous backend features and independently to control the content of the Web shop. This includes the user and product management, as well as the professional use of CMS functions.

About you will receive a connection to the tracking system of the provider Econda insights into an analytical evaluation. The shop is oxide of eShop Enterprise Edition, and is connected to the ERP system of the PORTICA. Parallel to the implementation was the acquisition of about 120 different articles, whose palette ranging from the beer mug of lighters to costumes, in the camp of the PORTICA. Thus, it is ensured that incoming orders can be processed as quickly as possible. Because the ISO certified eFulfillment specialist stores the article after an examination of the goods receipts on compliance with the product specifications, they picked and shipped them all over the world. A complete customer management to the reminder and debt collection, as well as an efficient return management complete the services which PORTICA once again expanded their marketing and distribution services in the merchandising area. Press material to the Hofbrauhaus: de/presse/pressebilder.php via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading marketing logistics and process management the German market and optimized for over 40 years for customer marketing, sales and information processes. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion, and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA and the system House Gedak belong to the printing company te new.

Sweeping Machines

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

With sweeping machines quickly and thoroughly, especially in large companies the usage of a sweeper is simply indispensable: what would be a hard job of bones for individual employees, which would take hours to complete, is done by a sweeper in the blink of an eye. A manual cleaning is sometimes not feasible at a very large company premises. Dust and waste be returned together from the machine, recorded and disposed of it can be so easy to keep the premises clean. And a clean, neat premises we know is a company and the best way, positive to draw attention to himself. Electrolux understands that this is vital information. A clean environment is welcoming to employees and customers and is the business card of a company so to speak. It couldn’t be easier to make self-promotion! For this reason, the acquisition of a sweeper is a wise investment, with the time and money save similarly allow. It is important to choose a high-quality model the itself due to its durability and Resilience features.

Finally, a sweeper should provide clean for more than just a few months. There are also different models with different functions, which must be selected depending on the company size and performance requirements. To save costs, the device should be as maintenance-free. The noise level of a sweeper is a factor not to be underestimated. It is not irrelevant which volume reached the machine during operation, especially if she will be used during the normal working hours. The noise is too high, is a concentrated work, for example in an office complex, not to think. Also, a sufficiently large tank should be available by collected dirt and debris will be transported. The tank is too small, it has all too often emptied, which means an increased workload.

He is poorly processed or of inferior quality, collected dust penetrates up again Outside. There are some with the purchase of a sweeper thus to note. Unfortunately, many sweepers at inflated prices are offered. To prove that good quality but must cost a fortune, many stores on the Internet. Corporate requirements, for example, offered numerous quality products at moderate prices. With a good Sweeper is not only fast, but also clean the premises, therefore you should not settle for a second-rate machine. CASH operating facility GmbH Princes Street 18 47051 Duisburg 0800 5 285285 companies need discount from the CASH operating equipment GmbH is a certified online retailer of office equipment, equipment and storage requirements. They get us exclusively products with top quality brand suppliers. Our most offers are available at Discoutpreisen. We are pleased to welcome you to our online shop and to include you as a customer. In our category you find around Office furniture and office equipment 5000 articles order tables, chairs, filing cabinets, occasional furniture, information and presentation facilities. Find facility in the category for storage, work safety, work equipment and reliable machines. The pallet trucks, lift tables and lifting devices are very special for the camp. In addition, there are shelves and cabinets in any size. Our shops in Europe: companies need discount Switzerland – companies need discount Austria.