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Human Capabilities

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Human capabilities in truth are endless! After reading all the books of Carlos Castaneda, I was intrigued by what a man. Clairvoyance, teleportation, levitation, parallel worlds, meeting with beings from other worlds and more. In addition to the theory and practice there cited. Honestly, I have those tales do not quite believe, until he decided to check on their own experience. I began to practice the dream. The first lesson had to see their hands in sleep. I'm somewhere around a week trying to do it, but to no avail. In short I threw a bad job and forgot about it.

And then, one night in my dreams I saw my hands. To say that I was impressed to say nothing. I was shocked! On the moment I realized that I was standing next to the bed, where peacefully snuffle my mortal body. I turned and looked. He was not there. But it was not important, important thing was that all about what Castaneda wrote, it was true! I tried go ahead, but could not budge. Suddenly I remembered that the book describes a similar problem.

We had to move as if you metesh trunk floor. In a state of wild euphoria reached the kitchen. Here's my account delayed at the sink, or more precisely on the mixer. Simple Chinese mixer shone so beautifully that I wanted to approach him. I stared at so much that I forgot about control, and that it was necessary to constantly keep an eye on their own hands. And I woke up. Now I knew that the barrier is broken and the enormous opportunities opened up before me. Who would I not now be argued that the psychics do not exist, it's crooks, no aliens, etc., than anything proving test on their own experience, and then we'll talk.

Electronic Billing

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

According to the director-general of the unit control of the resources of the parties politicians of the Instituto Federal Electoral, Alfredo Kaulitz, at the Conference entitled fiscal digital receipts and their effects on matter of control to political parties given to the representatives of the Mexican political parties, who used to ask for invoices on behalf of a party to benefit economicallynow they can not do so with the new electronic billing system, since with this new system, the tax authority will receive information from the invoice immediately. This is a fact that without a doubt, it has a great relevance, since if political parties were doing operations without making learn the authority, with the new system of electronic invoice already it will not be possible, since the control will be direct online and information will be received at the moment in which the tax voucher is issued, with or without knowledge of this fact the Treasurer of determined party. This new tool called billing electronic, in force from the first of January this year, will also help the same authority to react. Kaulitz also said that in the case of the federal electoral process, the control unit carried out operations where they met expenses that had not been reported by the political parties. A. Verastegui hold.. (As opposed to Andreessen Horowitz).

Committee Management

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Event on the topic of quality management in cooperation with the Viega GmbH & Co.KG. On Thursday, September 13, 2012 in 57439 Attendorn. “With subsequent plant visit the Viega Hohr-Grenzhausen, 16 August 2012 September 13, 2012 Muhlenschladerstrasse, 57439 Attendorn-Ennest an IBS takes on the seminar Center of Viega GmbH & Co.KG,: forum on the topic: best practice for sustainable quality management” instead. The event is rounded off by a factory tour of the topics discussed in the theoretical part appear in practical use. Since its founding in 1899 an international company has evolved from a traditional family business. At six sites, today produced by Viega plumbing and used internationally.

The Group employs approximately 3,000 people and is the world leader in press technology for pipe systems. The fields of application for the Viega solutions are varied: From the machine and plant engineering, building technology up to the Ship construction. The Viega system world includes now 16,000 products that are always in stock. This is not only an unprecedented availability guarantees, but also a comprehensive system expertise. Caused by the growing change and modernisation pressure is IBS’s process-oriented quality management software solution with Viega is now an indispensable action.

The IBS CAQ software supports all Viega from goods receipt to the complaint management processes. The benefits of IBS CAQ = QSYS is solution particularly in the reduction of quality cost, the reduction of Nacharbeits-, testing and Committee costs. The event is free of charge for the participants. Bookings are by telephone under + 49 (0) 26 24 / 91 80-458, fax + 49 (0) 26 24 / 91 80 670 or e-mail: accepted. Participants registered will receive a written confirmation and a detailed description of the way. The detailed agenda of the event, please visit the IBS AG’s website under the following link:…


Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

The SAP-ERP add-on for fTRACE is presented by OSC. In the age of globalization and the food scandals the information needs of the consumer is after the origin of the products, including their contents increased significantly. With the consumer information tool fTRACE consumers via Smartphone and QR-code can, to the farmer and suppliers to trace back fresh meat products before the purchase directly at the POS. It can display information about the origin and the location and date of slaughter and packaging on the display of the mobile phone. Also, the system in conjunction with GS1 standards provided information which can batch exactly identify products in the event of a recall.

For the realization of a complete chain of information in the fTRACE Portal interfaces must be implemented along the logistics chain of the production process, submit the required data on the origin and processing. Also has to dispatch automated identified can, what raw materials with which information in the product arrived so that transmitted this information to the next partner. For the implementation of fTRACE in SAP ERP environment is the prerequisite a batch traceability from the sales to the goods receipt. OSC has developed for this request the SAP Add-On for fTRACE ERP and will present at the LogiMAT 2013 this interested visitors. Batch exactly to make together the information from suppliers, they are stored in specially created structures to the charge of the suppliers. The reading, processing and assembling of fTRACE data is independently running jobs.

This eliminates interference with existing standard processes. In addition, a cockpit is provided that allows monitoring of all interfaces and data processing related to the fTRACE process. Here appears precisely to the minute, how is the status for each individual batch or supplier charge. Thus, it is possible to remove from IT day-to-day monitoring and on the responsible Department to pass. “OSC at the LogiMAT 2013: let your logistics run.” events/logimat-2013 / company description founded in 1993 in Lubeck, open system consulting company (OSC) is positioned as the ERP pilot for the middle class. At the heart of the OSC services are the holistic management consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products of SAP AG, Walldorf. The company employs currently 80 permanent staff in four offices (Lubeck, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund) with consulting revenues of more than EUR 8 million in 2011. Since November 2012, OSC is a subsidiary of the all for one Steeb AG Group of companies.