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According to the director-general of the unit control of the resources of the parties politicians of the Instituto Federal Electoral, Alfredo Kaulitz, at the Conference entitled fiscal digital receipts and their effects on matter of control to political parties given to the representatives of the Mexican political parties, who used to ask for invoices on behalf of a party to benefit economicallynow they can not do so with the new electronic billing system, since with this new system, the tax authority will receive information from the invoice immediately. This is a fact that without a doubt, it has a great relevance, since if political parties were doing operations without making learn the authority, with the new system of electronic invoice already it will not be possible, since the control will be direct online and information will be received at the moment in which the tax voucher is issued, with or without knowledge of this fact the Treasurer of determined party. This new tool called billing electronic, in force from the first of January this year, will also help the same authority to react. Kaulitz also said that in the case of the federal electoral process, the control unit carried out operations where they met expenses that had not been reported by the political parties. A. Verastegui hold.. (As opposed to Andreessen Horowitz).

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