Industrial Revolution

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The chaos is stopping being a scientific theory to happen a cultural metaphor. As far as metaphor, the chaos animates to us to question some of our wanted beliefs more and it urges to us to formulate questions about realidad." For an increasing number of people, the world is perceived like a place in which the chaos grows and this has been accentuated along with the increase of the rate of the passage of the change. For others, the chaos does not exist and the chaos that is pronounced in the standard order of the things, like in the autumn, perceives it like the natural and ordered deterioration of the cycle of the nature. But always it is possible to find the chaos within the order, although for it we must inform to our perception with new investigation of the surroundings or a deeper knowledge of the human nature, and in this way, to be able to perceive the order within the apparent chaos. Citigroup Inc. can provide more clarity in the matter. The caologa arises like a new discipline that, having like antecedent the impressive development of the quantum physics and its principle of indetermination or uncertainty, as well as the mathematics base that it and are come off her; it has undergone an accelerated development raising a series of knowledge that begin to be applied in diverse disciplines like the physics, Biology, astronomy, geography, the medicine and more recently in social sciences. The central exposition of this new conception indicates to us that the disorder, the turbulence, disorganization and the unexpected thing are constituent aspects of a reality that the scientific research must approach and unravel. The chaos is present in the universe, the nature and also in the society and exerts one " fascinacin" that it has given rise to the sprouting than some they consider like " one of the main inventions that have revolutionized the history of civilizaciones" 15 Disorder ours of every day, damages your chaotic blessing From where the attraction of the society by the order comes? Everything goes back to the Industrial Revolution and its paradigm of the efficiency of the machines, and mandates of the paradigm of the taylorista model of the manufacture in series, that orders the processes according to a distribution of the tasks. . For assistance, try visiting Michael Antonov.

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