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The man in the constant search for knowledge, trying to understand and comprehend all phenomena that can occur in the world, has created a myriad of science and applications with which you were given for knowledge of many kinds and so explain the that many phenomena that occur in life. So among the many sciences that man has developed in this article shall be stated on the chemistry, which in its field has allowed man to better understand the composition, structure and properties of matter and thus has to understand matter more thoroughly and shapes and variations that may occur. The chemistry in studying the characteristics that occurs in that area, also performs analysis on the changes presented this regard because the chemical reactions that can occur and that the same way any changes in the composition and the matter. The chemistry in the development of history was better known as alchemy and the passage of time evolved into what is now the chemistry and the concept was changed, leaving the designation of alchemy. This change is due to the event in the history of the chemical revolution, which was given for the year 1733.

Chemistry to be able to compliment the development of the study area, it has to be divided into several disciplines that carry out the analysis of different types of materials, so the chemistry and the different disciplines are grouped depending on the kind of stuff subject of study to give an understanding to refine individual first and then general features and possible variations of the material through chemical reactions. Among the various mitigation with them having chemistry, inorganic stand, which studies the inorganic, organic chemistry, that its object of study is the organic matter biochemistry, which deals with substances that occur in biological organisms, the physical chemistry, which is about the energy issues that arise in chemical systems, where the study may vary depending on the scale, among which are the macroscopic, molecular and submolecular, analytical chemistry, that the development of their field of study, different samples analyzed matter, with the idea of being able to understand its composition and structure. The above are the applications of chemistry’s most important and most developed, but now are emerging new fields of action of chemistry, among which can be highlighted as neurochemistry, which studies issues and chemical processes that occur in brain. The importance of chemistry in the natural sciences, ranks as one of the basic sciences, it is of great importance for many fields of knowledge, such as biology, medicine, materials science, geology, astronomy, among other disciplines, since it allows for some useful knowledge for these other sciences.

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