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Posted by Ralf on March 8th, 2020 — Posted in News

It should recognize other efforts of a cultural nature as the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogue of cultures in Alexandria or programs such as investing in people or as promoting culture as a catalyst for creativity (Lisbon strategy for growth and employment). In precise terms, the most advanced example of regional unity shows us all a picture of cultural defence, contrary to the prediction of uniformisation. Another thing is the treatment of migrations, as we will see later. A document of relevant importance occurs in 2007. UNESCO gives effect to the Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. The Catholic Church, through the President of the Pontifical Council for culture, Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, has drawn attention to the need of the preservation of the multiplicity of cultural calling for balancing the universal language and the characteristics of each culture relieving the dimension of the art. Admittedly, however, there was fear in some: the burial of the local culture.

What has happened is quite the opposite, that culture has rearranged, and in many cases has become equally global. What has happened is that it has emerged a new way to understand it, to understand it from the global and most significant, do the reverse. It is obvious that cultural changes in various areas, such as work and communication, and at all levels of the new equation, including inside the territories bounded by the division called borders. You can not pretend that globalisation, and less culture within it, is a homogeneous process. On the contrary, it is necessary to expect contradictions and conflicts.

Everything here is fragmented, diverse, defined. The culture has to do with the creative and when various creative modes or ways to create or created results are occurs a global enrichment. It is obvious that this leads to a serious heterogeneizacion, but one already pre-existing in the same condition of existence of cultures that are.

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