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Why reinvent the wheel? Rules Writer 1. First on the scene should go protagonist. 2. From the beginning, the plot should be sharp. 3.

Never put in the very beginning of the innermost thoughts, which do you want to make happy humanity. Recently John Utendahl sought to clarify these questions. The reader must go, stick to the plot, otherwise it will just toss the book with homilies, saying: 'themselves with a mustache! " 4. Disclose the characters in action. 5. Philosophical thought is also better to disclose at work. Protagonist or side can make the right key, and the negative-resist, or change over time. But you should never teach, 'Peter, you idiot, do it like this! " Fable with the conclusion offends people. Fools, as a rule, do not read, and smart enough hint. Hull KR may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Even if the reader is first made in this situation the action is not one that promotes a writer, you live in the way, he feels that it is correct or false. The main thing is that the findings did himself reader, rather than someone from the outside. 6. If for some reason, thought can not unfold through the action, the question is asked. A good question is half the answer. Clever enough. 7. Do not offer too long. Please take into consideration: Operational memory of the brain is limited. The reader simply forgets the beginning and reread every will. 8. But do not do the offer and too short, if not justified by the story and not be a big color than normal.

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