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For IRSA, Hersha is a strategic U.S. partner since it will allow you to detect new business opportunities in the country’s North. It is that with Hersha, the Argentine holding company will be operating in the main hotel rooms of United States as New York, New Jersey, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, California and Arizona, knowing the business and prospects for the same. The strategy pursued by the Argentine holding company, is also an indirect way to brain with high capacities for the development of the lines of business pursued by IRSA in the United States. So at least, Elsztain says when he said: allows us access to a portfolio of first-line and a great team of management with a clear strategy rather than investing in active in particular. The international expansion of IRSA plan is not limited to the U.S.

market, which had entered the purchase of 30% of the firm Metropolitan 885 Third Avenue, whose main asset is an office building of 143 meters on Third Avenue in Manhattan. On the contrary, the company had already expressed its intentions towards the end of 2008 to expand its operations to several Latin American countries, mainly towards Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. Even up to long ago had approved a capital increase to carry forward this process of internationalization of the company. A final reflection. The US economic crisis has involved a blasted effect for various sectors of the U.S. economy, in which their companies are experiencing a situation of narrowness and high competitive weakness. So they are being victims of a predatory action of foreign companies who are looking for opportunities in an economy with a high dynamic and profile of consumption, as it is the American economy.

So for example, a few days ago we talked about Santander (IBEX35:san;NYSE:STD),) and its strategic plans in the United States. The invasion of foreign companies has begun. How will you continue the story? Horacio Pozzo can taking advantage as of this strong rise looming for the Brazil Bovespa index and investors from the rest of the emerging bags? Would not wait one more minute, when global economic recovery is top newspapers, already the smart money (big investors) will be entered and pushed up prices, and when we realize, we find no cheap prices now. It is the time to invest and opportunities such as these rarely in history are repeated.

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