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Posted by Ralf on March 5th, 2020 — Posted in News

If you are not a name well known in place or your market, then you have work to do. One of the best things about writing and marketing articles is that then they become a published author, and, essentially, an expert. Uniworld Capital describes an additional similar source. I can not tell you how many publications print, radio programs and news programs have asked my advice, an article, etc., based on my search through articles I’ve written in my niches. I am definitely seen as an authority in my themes, and that’s because I write about them all the time. I have a lot out there, and they give me a lot of good information. Can you say the same? If it isn’t, then it should be enough motivation to keep writing.

2 Check your traffic statistics now properly, this is the only thing that I do all the time to motivate myself. My ultimate goal would be to have a very high percentage of my visitors who come to my site via organic searches on the web. That is when a person is looking for specific information, in your search box and found one of my articles that match your search criteria. No nothing more then get a tan pre-calificada advantage to its web site, at zero cost! So to attain that goal, firstly should check my stats and see which keywords searched for people to get to my web site. When I see that I have entered in a keyword or keyword phrase and I’m getting consistent good traffic, then, I move in my next to my glossary of keywords keyword phrase. When I see that I am generating traffic with the marketing of articles, this excites me a lot and makes me feel that all my work is paying off, and then motivates me to move the conquest and to move forward.

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