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' Therefore all had sinned and lack of the glory of Deus.' ' (Roman 3:23) ' ' Because the wage of the sin is the death, but dom gratuitous of God is the perpetual life in Christ Jesus, our Senhor.' ' (Roman 6:23) ' ' As this writing: it does not have just, nor at least, does not have who it understands, it does not have who searchs the God; all had been embezzled, to the one had become useless; who does not make the good, does not have none sequer.' ' (Roman 3:10 – 12). Thus, ahead of such consideraes, we must ask: Can one died if to raise? Can the prisoner if free? Can the blind person if give to vision or the deaf hearing? He can the same pecaminosos by its very nature change itself? NOT! ' ' Who of the dirty one will take off the pure one? ' ' ' ' Ningum.' ' (J 14:4) ' ' Can etope change its for, or the leopard its spots? ' ' (Jeremias 13:23). We can cite the example of Lazarus, who was died and he made over again it to Jesus, but at no moment he depended on Lazarus to make over again itself: ' ' Jesus said to it: I am resurrection and the life. For even more analysis, hear from “Starbucks
. Who believes in me, despite viver.&#039 dies; ' (Joo 11:25). ' ' It gave to life, being dead you in your delicts and pecados.&#039 to you; ' (Efsios 2:1) Therefore, can one died if to save? ' ' First passo' ' ' ' We love because it in them loved primeiro.' ' (I Joo 4:19) As already we saw in Romans does not have who searchs the God, therefore, the man none is capable to desire the salvation. If thus he was would have an error in the Bible, when he says in the same book, that does not have who makes the good, therefore if the man ' ' aceitar' ' the Jesus is because still he has something good inside of it, when does not have. Source: Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs.

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