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Who’s Who in market research? Market for marketing research in Russia soon will exceed $ 300 million. Since relatively inconspicuous in domestic business of business services is becoming more attractive market. Like any other attractive markets in the increasingly competitive research services, which directly affects costs and profit agencies. To direct the service process customers added concern for maintaining and improving competitive position, which could not but affect the quality of services. In Russia today, about 1400 companies offering services on the organization of marketing research. About 20 of them have revenues of over $ 1 million a year, about 150 agencies ‘do’ from $ 500,000 to $ 1 million. Others work with the agency revenue up $ 500,000 a year. According to experts ‘top ten’ agency controls about 40% of marketing research.

So, if you are faced with the need for partnerships with research company, your choice will appear near the 200 agencies that are active in the market and able to perform complex research projects. Depending on your region, your choice is limited to a maximum of ten players that deserve your attention, and in Moscow, their number reaches 30. This variety of companies with different competence and expertise, resources and constraints, strategies and market positions. All of these factors, eventually, able to influence the quality of the work for you. To understand all the principles and intricacies of of research agencies is difficult. If you are not directly faced with the processes of the organization of marketing research in conjunction with the agency, you will be extremely helpful to know some nuances of their work in order to insure your choice from the subsequent disappointment. In this article you will find some useful points that will allow you to navigate the market research services.

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