Please Tell Me the Whole Truth

Posted by Ralf on July 20th, 2022 — Posted in News


Please tell me everything. You tell me, now! Okay, it’s a long history. – I have all the time in the world. – Oops you’re stubborn.

Okay. I told her everything from start to finish, the Geri was very involved in the story and I force myself not to let Danny but I obviously make clear that I was not going to be with, he is with Olivia and is not my fault to leave. – You look at the obligation to tell me everything, everything. – All right, I do not think that is very interesting because not going to happen. – We’ll see, “he said, challenging me. – Wait for something to happen sitting.

– Bet. – Okay, I was not sure but accept the end. – What bet? – Nose, 20 dollars. – Okay. – Done – he smiled, we paid the bill and left. We decided we were going to go buy some accessories that we needed, we come to a store that looked very interesting. When we entered we met Gio. – Gio, Hi, “I said. – Cami, Geri How are you? – Okay – said the two simultaneously. – Camila, the wounds are hurting you? – Just a little yesterday … Give me the cure. – A good that you’re well. – And are you doing here? – Nothing really, just came by things that are going to buy? – Also some accessories. – Hey, in the evening we will get together at a restaurant, let us celebrate the first song.

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