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However, to bring the figure to the desired shape – not a quick process. And we must be ready for it. And it turns out that first you give up sweets and enthusiastically go to the gym, and then looking for reasons not to do it … To find the shape of your dreams, we must heed the practical recommendations that tell how people like. First of all, it is important to share goals. It is clear that you have a precise goal, just enough to throw a kilogram, get into the clothes of a certain size, etc. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lulu Simon.

It will be good to share this goal for a couple of points, the achievement will be easier and more pleasant. In order to clearly define their goals are small, good will even write list and attach it, for example, on the refrigerator. It is important to know that losing weight is also necessary with the mind. Experts of WHO (World Health Organization) believe that the best way to lose weight – it's dumping of 500-600 g per week. Some do not know that the correction of the weight should be gradual, because rapid weight loss does not lead to anything good. After a short period of time you lose a few pounds, you have to gain more faster and may even be greater than it was. How to eat and lose excess weight. You can make a notebook, which will control your meals. This means before you eat something, write in a notebook, and after reread.

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