Multilayer Reinforcement

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Rolled metal is ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel. Black metal products: fittings, beams, square, circle, strip steel, angles, channels. And also black sheet metal products: hot rolled structural steel sheet, hot rolled ordinary quality, low-alloy hot-rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, corrugated, expanded metal. Nonferrous metal products: aluminum rolled (sheet, rod, wire, profiles, plates, tires), rolled brass (sheet, strip, rod, wire), rolled copper (sheet, strip, bars, tires, wire), rolled bronze (bronze bars). Stainless metal: sheet, strip steel, angle, circle, hexagon, square. Individual element should allocate pipe, since they, too, rolled metal, but stand apart and their role in human life in truth ogromna.Teper take a closer look black, colored, metal-. TrubyTruby come in different forms: metallic and nonmetallic, single and Multilayer; conventional (annular) and shaped (square, rectangular, oval, etc.); seamless hot pipe and cold pipe, cast iron pipe, welded longitudinal and spiral pipe, general and special purpose. General pipes are used for installation is not vertical pipelines to transport non-corrosive gases and liquids, granular materials, and as elements various structures (irrigation systems, scaffolding, fences, poles).

fittings – metal products designed for reinforcement of concrete. In the construction of the widely using mesh reinforcement in the form of flat products and coils. Armature is divided into two types: transverse and longitudinal reinforcement fittings. Transverse reinforcement prevents the formation of inclined cracks from occurring oblique shear stresses near the poles, and also serves for a bunch of compressed zone of concrete with reinforcement in the tension zone. Longitudinal reinforcement is used for the perception of tensile stress, prevents the formation of vertical cracks in the tension zone of reinforced concrete structures.

BalkMetalloprokat, which includes hot-rolled I-beams (Beams). I-beams, metal, made from carbon and low alloy steel. Types of beams: ordinary and special (M – beams for hanging rails, C – beams for reinforcement shafts). Beams are used in industrial and civil construction, as well as for the manufacture of floors, columned steel structures, bridges, towers and hanging rails ShvellerShveller – a metal roll with a U-shaped section, made of rolled steel hot rolling method blanks on section mills. By way of production channel bars are divided into the following types: Hot-rolled steel, steel, special, steel equal-bent, bent steel unequal. StalnayPolosa steel band – a metal-General appointment of a thickness of 12 mm to 50 mm and a width of 40 to 160 mm (governed by gost 103-76 and Teh.). Steel strip intended for manufacturing of metal, bent shapes (angles, channels), as well as for manufacture of springs and cutting of the tool (tools, etc.). By rolling precision strip steel is: A high accuracy, B-normal accuracy.

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