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The client fills out a special form, indicating the number and amount of payment. Operator takes money, and then connects via a mobile phone to WAP-site payment system, enters the necessary data, and after a minute the money hit the subscriber's account and the proceeds deposited in the cash register. According to market participants, such a scheme works perfect for visiting points of payment. Imagine: summer, beach, shop with soft drinks, trained for one day vendor with a mobile phone in his pocket and a bright sticker "Payments" – are you ready to accept. "Today, every housing estate is a stand, pan, retail point.

Hang the sign, sign a contract with the provider payment system, get the code and everything! Additional $ 500 per month guaranteed ", – says Kirill Kazantsev. Computer, a desk, a salesman. Still occurring form of the organization receiving payments, especially in business centers. In a small rented "" set the table and connected to Internet computer with the installed program payment system. A computer – a seller who is in Moscow to pay monthly about 9,000 rubles, while in the 5-6 thousand. The client fills out a receipt indicating the number of phone, your cellular provider and the payment amount, after which the seller enters the data into the computer.

After a minute or two they get on the subscriber's account. The main costs here have to rent for the "metro". According to Seeds Cold, manager of "Organization of points of payment," the company "CARDS-service", in Moscow, the average rental rate is now about 1 200-1 500 per sqm. meters (6-9 feet is enough). Strictly speaking, This is exactly the main drawback: the need to pay for the room negates all the charm of this business. Indeed, why pay more if you can buy the POS-terminal and using existing available Square (gift shop, stationery shop or cafe) to obtain at 50-100 dollars more, but still save $ 300 on the seller! Extra argument to the fact that acceptance of payments – not substantive, but rather an additional source earnings. Network of machines. "Paying" vending has all the advantages and disadvantages of automated trading. Advantages – portability, ease of use, ability to change the location to install machines in business centers and major department stores with a huge cross. A ticket for this market is worth 5-7 thousand dollars – the price of the machine. In Russia, such units are now offering more than forty manufacturers so choose the right option – not a problem. The disadvantage is that there is an iron rule operates vending: the network is always more cost-effective than a single machine (if you "missed" with the place, the machine is not never pay for itself). Alas, the use of machines and is associated with frequent breakdowns, as well as to possible acts of vandalism. In this sense, the POS-terminal looks much more secure option. As for the accommodation of autonomous machines to accept payments, then for the right to install one unit holders of the capital of shopping and business centers, ask from 2 thousand rubles a month. Rent per square meter site in the passage costs 250-300 dollars, and profits is, on average, from 500 to 1,000 dollars per month. Here is a simple additional business, which obviously should look to owners of existing retail outlets.

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