Bank Interview: Preparation Pays Off!

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The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informs the relationship with the Bank can decide on weal and woe of entrepreneurship. It’s believed that Starbucks sees a great future in this idea. So the Bank especially on pages of the founder, when he really needs her support, maintaining a positive business relationship is essential. This requires more than a well-thought-out business. Ursula Unterberg Wegener, highly experienced management consultant from Oberhausen, explains how it can succeed in Bank talks, to optimize the relationship with the Bank. Already if the business account is opened, the formative first the Bank Adviser impression. This fact must comply with the entrepreneur through thorough preparation, he wants to be considered by the Bank as a professional business partner.

Dealing with the Bank should be seen from the first moment as a relationship between partners. Its looking for the Bank not a supplicant, but after a healthy confident business partner, are factually communicates. Even though it may be difficult given the high sums of money that’s at stake: self-confidence testifies to professionalism. However the company founder should be wary of course, to occur across arrogant Bank Adviser this damages his image! The Bank has the task to examine the concerns of existence founder on any risks and to protect themselves through an optimal guidance even in the guise of the competent consultant. It is in the interest of the entrepreneur, this conduct a confidence on to work that is complied with his requests. Here it is in particular necessary the Bank, documents without resistors to make available, open to accept their advice and to work cooperatively with her. As a business partner it comes the Bank not unfounded to subjugate the entrepreneur.

Rather, it is interested in quickly and effectively to resolve any difficulties to the homeowner because. Transparency and professionalism proves the Entrepreneur, while prepared in Bank talks going. He is itself unclear, which documents the consultants needed he should clarify in advance this in a telephone conversation, rather than to take the risk, to delay the decision-making process by omissions. Finally, the conversation requires even a good preparation. The consultant only facing the Bank Manager, it is too late, to having to worry about the best justification of his existence on this must be done before! Also, it doesn’t hurt to adapt to possible counter-arguments to avoid uncertainties. The relationship with the Bank is an integral part of the success of start-ups. With its Oberhausen consulting SMEs consulting Unterberg, Ursula Unter Berg Wegener supported for many years company founder to build productive relationships with their bank. For more questions and a comprehensive advice it stands ready at any time. Press contact SME consulting Unterberg contact person: Ursula Unterberg Wegener Klosterhardter str. 25 46119 Oberhausen Tel. + 49 (0) 208 6 25 61 45 mobile + 49 (0) 208 6 25 58 59 E-Mail: Homepage:

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