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The TEMAC product range includes a wide variety of industrial seals, such as: sealing, rubber plates, sheets and expanded graphite gaskets and PTFE chiseled and SWG (packing spiral wound), metal seals and special items sealing, compression rings, cords insulating insulating plates, coated seals, PTFE products, just that referred to some components. “With the signing of the agreement has achieved a leading European manufacturer of sealing material distributes a wide variety of its products in Germany,” said Frank Funke, director of sales of the company Dr. Muller GmbH. Initially, the German company Dr. Mueller will focus on the range of asbestos-free joints in the Czech company. Essentially will focus on selected distributors to market and cutting business. “The advantage of TEMAC products is that having a large number of certificates,” said Daniel Moc, TEMAC sales manager.

Examples are following: DVGW (gas), KTW (water) and BAM (oxygen). Some companies are known worldwide use sa TEMAC products as examples within the petrochemical industry, we can mention Esso and Bayer, and in the automotive industry, the Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda and French companies Valeo and Faurecia. With the signing of this agreement, the materials provide better value for money. For this reason companies TEMAC Dr. Mueller and are sure that they can earn a significant share in the German market. About Dr. Mueller GmbH: Dr. Muller GmbH Ahlhorn (Lower Saxony) is a leading provider of electro-electronics industry since 1967.

Its focus is on the development and implementation of technical solutions adapted to production processes of each client. Dr. Muller GmbH is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electrical insulation materials, thermally conductive products, boards and laminates. In addition to the company based in northern Germany, also has a branch located in Brazil and a sales office based in England. Its main clients are from the electrical and electronics industries, automotive and agricultural sector, medical and telecommunications. Dr. Muller GmbH develops and applies not only technical solutions but also develops, and implements logistics solutions and packaging. Hereby undertakes to ensure the quality of their products and services, the company regularly carry out the certification under ISO 9001:2000. About TEMAC, AS: TEMAC sa is a leading producer in Central Europe and a distributor of industrial seals. Its products are used mainly in electrical engineering, chemicals, gas, oil and within the petrochemical industry. It develops, produces and sells one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the sealing industry. Through the use of new technologies and international quality certification, TEMAC supplies its products to the Unipetrol Group (a subsidiary of Orlen Group) Slovnaft, Shell, Volkswagen and Avia Daewoo Group, among others. The Czech company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949.

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