Intelligent Space Units

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Peace be with you, people of Earth! You are all now living on planet Earth, are witnesses letting your entire solar system, and even in the spiritual evolution of our Galaxy. If you speak the language of your notions of space-time continuum, we can say this: in 2013 (commonly accepted in most nations of the Earth time-calculation) humanity of the Earth along with all other sentient beings in your Solar System and the Galaxy will make a unique in its importance quantum leap, not like one of those with a strict periodicity occurred in the universe before. Mankind has come close to the end of the time period in 26.000 earth years, which completely covers one of the next cycle of large-scale dynamic space-based system called 'constellation Pleiades – the sun – the planet Earth. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. " Currently, your Sun or as we call it 'Solar Ring' revolves around Alcyone, the central stars in the constellation Pleiades. The uniqueness of the upcoming evolutionary quantum leap is that of the Pleiades constellation, which includes solar and your system, and is about to end his stay in orbit around the galactic center, where Constellation was on the last 230,000,000 years (according to your time-calculation). Add to your understanding with Kevin Johnson.

In addition, our entire galaxy has already come to the end point infinitely longer by the length of the period of his stay in orbit rotation around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. All three of these cycles – Galaxy (on its evolutionary level) – Constellation of the Pleiades (in its level) – Your solar system (with all its planets, including Earth) – to be completed almost simultaneously, synchronously, in order not to disturb the dynamic equilibrium of the entire system. Once this happens, immediately begin a new, far more complex and higher for each of the components of this system of Intelligent Space Units evolutionary cycle. This event will happen (or rather, in the timeless continuum, it has already happened) to you, earthlings, in 2013: at the same time and simultaneously begin the next cycle of evolutionary development of the Earth's length of 26.000 years and start to unwind at the new level the next round of the great cosmic spiral galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. And nothing can stop this grandiose in scale space quantum leap.

After all, we're not just talking about the fate of your planet, but the fate of billions other planets and systems, which are also members of this unique and wonderful transition in their spiritual evolution. As our Brother Oris has an indirect relation to the evolution of the constellation Orion, it will demonstrate just said on the example of the system of the Stars. So when the Pleiades Constellation completes the passage from the orbit of its present spiral, the position of this system with respect to Orion at the root of change, leading to global disasters at all sites of Orion. On the outer language, this means the karmic and spiritual cleansing that is associated with the invasion of this system Stars about 300.000 years ago, invaders from the constellation Lyra, which obstructed access to the Galactic Gate. To prepare for movement to a new evolutionary spiral, the entire Milky Way with all its systems have already entered a period of cleansing the karmic patterns of the past. Next ….

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