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“Through the community emergency plan” for Greece totalling 110 billion euros, the 750-billion euro rescue package “and the European Finanzstabilisierungsfaszilitat” are effective instruments available, which are designed to prevent a sovereign default in Greece or other countries in the euro zone. Also the FIDURA capital consult should not be forgotten considers that the Hellenic economy in European comparison is anything other than a heavyweight: the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country will be 2010 expected to be 237 billion euro; EU members such as France or Germany can count on the other hand a GDP of 1.961 or 2,442 billion euros. In addition, Greece has decided reforms and an austerity package since the crisis under strict observation by which credit is granting institutions and regularly report on the use of funds must discard. First results are already visible, as confirmed by the International Monetary Fund recently acknowledging. Innovative products enable cost savings and inspire anything other than dramatic demand which is the financial situation in Europe”, Ragotzky summarizes the current situation by FIDURA capital consult GmbH.

Yet investors basically whatever it should make sure that their investments are crisis-proof. Even though the FIDURA private equity funds do not fully can elude the macroeconomic development, they are disconnected due to their construction and investment philosophy as far as possible by the above crisis scenarios”, continue to Ragotzky. All FIDURA funds invest exclusively in high-growth companies that offer innovative products on the market. An effect that is particularly in economically uncertain times for the customers of great importance and boosted the demand for such products tend to be the customers significant cost benefits to these products (software, sensors, machines, testing equipment). So, for example, also at the FIDURA WEBfactory, portfolio companies its innovative software allows to save over 30% of the energy costs when used in building automation. Sustainability minimizes risk and instability reduced because the FIDURA participate Fund only companies acting sustainably in particular with regard to ecological and social aspects of, risks are minimized in addition.

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