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Munich, 09.08.2010 – for its online counselling studilux looking for sponsors, who support a funding of professional expertise. Sponsors are given the opportunity in the context of the large consultation ‘ position and carefully targeted to address students and high school graduates. With its large office hours ‘ studilux picked up the consulting needs of graduates and students and created a central online platform for educational issues of any kind. To ensure the quality of our portal even with increasing frequency, we are looking for education sponsors”, explains Benjamin Breuer, Managing Director of studilux the possibility of companies to position themselves in the portal. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Electrolux. Because the unique project in the Internet enjoys increasing popularity, assuming the chance to ask individual questions online in many cases. Such as E.g. the possibilities of individual study financing questions in detail. Especially in complex financial topics, such as Livelihoods of students and their legal status require many visitors information and assistance.

For the approximately 40 questions that every day a spin at studilux, subject matter experts are available to ensure a timely assistance. Particularly pleased we have of course the positive feedback from users, to represent a valuable source of information with our detailed answers and to tell us about the promise,”, says Breuer. Companies with an interest in the audience may get acquainted with this, by advocating for their interests and allow a comprehensive counselling. A company supports the fee-based questions, the company logo, as well as a brief profile of the company appear on the sponsored advice page. Also on the home page of the studilux website is pointed out with a logo on the Bildungsfinanzierer. In addition to the precise speech of students and graduates studilux opportunity for future professionals without sponsors Known scattering losses. The questions to sponsernden can be purchased in different sized packages. Allows for the funding of 5,000 questions studilux a small number of selected sponsors a special status, which is rewarded with a banner on the home page. For more information, see sponsoring.html.

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